3 Haircuts And Styles For Long Hair

Haircuts And Styles For Long Hair

Long hair can be stylized in any possible way, but it tends to become very monotonous if you do not get a new haircut or hairstyle for a very long time. So, if you are looking for a new long haircut that will make you look sexy and will also let you flaunt your individuality, you can explore through one of these sensational long hairstyles which are mentioned below.

These hairstyles will help you get a different look while graciously maintaining the beautiful length of your hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Layered Cut

Layered Cut

If you are bored with the simplicity of your same old hairstyle, then you must go for a layered haircut. A layered haircut is one of the most preferred haircuts among ladies today and no matter what kind of hair type or facial structure you have, you can easily go for a layered haircut as it looks fantastic on women of all ages and face types. You can find a lot of variations of layered haircut and you can play around with all of them if you have an oval face. However, if you don’t have oval face, you must first analyze your face type and then go for the layered hairstyle that will look good on your face type and will enhance your beautiful facial features.

For instance, if you have rectangular face, make sure that the length of the first layer remains just above your cheek bones. This helps to tone down the rigidness of a wide jawline and also gives prominence to the beautiful cheek bones. Other than that, you can also choose to play with the tips of your layers. Either you can keep them blended or you can add a bit more style by cutting them in a choppy manner. In one word, a layered haircut is a “versatile” haircut, which can be easily modified and adopted according to one’s own wish.

Scene Cut

Scene Cut

A scene haircut is perfect for teenagers who like to present themselves in a different avatar. This haircut is influenced by the emo trend and is classified as one of the many popular emo haircut types. A scene haircut is so named, as a long fringe of side-swept bang or small fringes of hair cover almost half of the face to frame it.

This haircut is basically a razored layer haircut that is stylized by straightening the hairs completely with hair straighteners and then dyeing them with bold hues like pink, blue, red, brown and black. Sometimes, some fringes of hair are also bleached white to create a striking look.

In this haircut, the hairs at the top of the head are cut into long fringes with the help of a razor to create sharp edges and then they are slightly teased to add volume to that region. After that, the hairs at the sides are razor cut into layers which tend to thin out gradually towards the end.

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Straight Cut

Straight Cut

If you are a fashion geek who likes to change her style very often, you must go for a straight haircut with a bang. One-length straight haircut is very feminine and versatile as it allows the wearer to adopt any hairstyle by styling the hair with accessories and dyes. We often presume a straight haircut to be very monotonous and unnecessarily simple.

But the reality is that it can look very beautiful if you style it in a proper way. For instance, if you have round face, you can choose to pair your long straight haircut with side swept or wispy bangs to make your face look oval. On the other hand, you can go for brow-skimming or blunt bangs to hide a wide forehead.