4 Hair Care Tips For A Beautiful And A Stylish Ponytail

Tips For A Beautiful And A Stylish Ponytail

When it comes to hair and hair styling, every woman has different choices. And why not? Just as the size of the five fingers of the hand is different, so are the choices of every person. Some women like leaving their beautiful tresses all the time while some prefer opting for various hairstyles for different occasions. A very common hairstyle found among women of almost all ages and hair lengths is a ponytail.

Why is a ponytail hairstyle so common among ladies? The reason is quite simple. It is a hairstyle, which can be done in a few minutes especially in a stressful routine, which consists of travelling, long working hours and very less time left for yourself! Also, hair tied up in a ponytail keeps your hair in place and reduces the hassle of brushing hair every now and then, which is not possible in all situations and places.

It is a hairstyle, which is convenient and makes you look good not only in your daily routine but also on other occasions. So let us discuss a few tips of how to wear a ponytail. We will also discuss how to take care of your hair in order to wear a good ponytail and a few hairstyles for you to try out so that you don’t get bored of the same ponytail every day.

Hair Care Tips For A Good Ponytail

Good looks depend on good health. So your hair should be kept healthy and well looked after if you want it to look great all the time. The first thing to be kept in mind while wearing a ponytail is that you should never wear it too tight. Many women have the habit of pulling all the hair and wearing them too tightly in a ponytail and running out of home.

Hair Care For A Good Ponytail

But this is a very bad habit as it can lead to headaches throughout the day and also hair fall. Many a times you must have seen that when you remove a bow from a very tight pony-tailed hair, you find much small hair clinging on the bow. Some women also experience hair thinning right from the forehead area all of which is the result of tying hair in a ponytail too tightly.

Who would like a ponytail, which looks shining at the top but has sad dry ends? Another hair care tip for ponytails is use of a good conditioner regularly, especially at the ends of the hair. If you have hair problems, consult a specialist to help you choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Our hair ends might not show up that clearly when we leave our hair, but when we tie a ponytail, we ourselves can very clearly see the ends of our hair. Ponytail looks beautiful on soft, smooth, healthy, well-conditioned hair. Before wearing a ponytail, always comb and brush your hair to make sure that they are tangle free. Tangles and knots many times go unseen and become a part of your ponytail. This again cannot only spoil the smoothness of this hair-do, but also cause breakage of hair. If you have washed your hair, remove the tangles first with a wide toothed comb and then use your regular comb to style your hair.

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Always be careful while choosing bows and accessories to tie your hair. Make sure they do not fit in the hair very tightly. Also, prefer the ones, which are covered with cloth and soft material rather than sharp accessories, bows and very sharp clips and bobby pins. Trim your hair regularly so that it stays in shape and so does your ponytail. In case you wash your hair, make sure your hair is dry before you wear a ponytail. Never pull together and tie wet or half-dried hair into a ponytail.

Different Pony-Tail Hairstyles To Give You Some Change

Bored of the same ponytail daily? Lets now take a glance at a few hairstyles for pony tails. A ponytail looks good on all age groups, provided you wear a ponytail that suits your figure, your face, and also the occasion.

High and Low Pony Tails: The Most Simplest Ponytails

High and Low Pony Tails

The most simple ponytails are a high ponytail and a low ponytail. A high ponytail when all the hair is gathered together and tied upwards on the crown. Some ladies prefer to wear it in between a little below than the crown and the bones of the skull at the back of the head. This kind of ponytail is convenient when at home, during vigorous exercises, sports etc. It also makes one look younger, smarter, sporty, and stylish.

This hairstyle looks good, especially on jeans and long skirts. If you have a large face, you can get your hair cut with a few side fringes, which can beautifully fall on the sides of the face, when you wear this high ponytail. If you are someone who would like to look extremely fashionable, you can also get fringes cut on your forehead in such a way that it suits your face.

Another simpler hairstyle is a low ponytail. As the name suggests, in this ponytail, hair is tied near the lower neck. It is a quick and an easier hairstyle. Also, if you have very thick and heavy hair, a low ponytail would be more comfortable than a high one as a high ponytail will have to carry the weight of your heavy hair for a long time, which can be inconvenient.

Low Pony Tail With Clutchers

Low Pony Tail With Clutchers

I got this lovely and simple idea from a friend of mine. This is a type of low pony tail with a slight difference in the way your hair looks. Many of us especially those who do not have very much long hair have the habit of gathering the front and side hairs with the help of a clutcter and then leaving the rest of the hair behind. Wear the clutcher normally like you do and instead of leaving the hair, tie them into a low pony tail.

This hairstyle looks very sober, especially on long dresses such a salwar kameez and traditional dresses. You can also leave a few short hairs on the sides of your face to add to your beauty and give length to your face. This hairstyle can be compared to a stacked pony tail but in a stacked hairstyle but in this hairstyle, hair is divided into two sections or two different pony tails where one pony tail is rested on the lower pony tail.

Side Pony Tails

Side Pony Tails

Side pony tails is a very fashionable but simple hairstyle where hair is to be combed just like a low pony tail but instead of wearing it exactly in the middle, it is tilted towards any one side so that it falls on the side shoulder in the front direction. This hairstyle looks good with one single long side fringe hanging on the side of your face. The partition here of the front and side hair can either be in the middle or at side. When the partition is taken at one side, it is sometimes referred to as “swept away look” style.

Pony Tail With Hidden Bows: A New Fashion

Pony Tail With Hidden Bows

In this hairstyle, a pony tail is first tied with a normal bow. After tying hair in the ponytail, take a bunch of long hair strands from the ponytail itself, wrap it around the bow, and after wrapping it, secure it with a bobby pin. This hairstyle hides the bow and gives a nice fashionable look to the hair.

A Beautiful And A Stylish Ponytail