Grandma’s Kitchen Secrets For Black Natural Hair Care!

Black Natural Hair Care

Do you dream about having lustrous silky black hair, just like your mother or grandmother? Well, it is not impossible, but you will have to learn some secrets! If you  are wondering what these  secrets are , then think no more! Just take a sneak peek into your kitchen shelf and the secrets will be found behind the cupboard. Well, let’s not complicate the hair care puzzle and get right onto the ingredients.

Black Natural Hair

Secrets For Black Natural Hair Care

Henna the Evergreen Health Herb for Black Hair

Many people don’t enjoy the reddish brown tinge that comes along with the henna leaves. To curb the color and get the jet black mane, you should boil the henna leaves in the hair oil of your choice. However, it is said to be more effective when the base hair oil is mustard oil. Cool and strain the oil. Massage your scalp with this medicated oil almost twice-thrice a week and witness that beautiful lustrous jet black hair.

Henna the Evergreen Health Herb

Amla Adds Black Luster

Known to be a potent Vitamin C source, the herb, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a wonder drug to treat jet black hair. Dried Amla powder, when mixed with honey and consumed can be beneficial for the hair. However, if you are not that hell bent on consumption, then washing the hair with dry amla powder or using amla based hair oil can be good for retaining that black sheen of yours.

If the amla powder seems to be causing dandruff, then it is advisable to mix it with a few drops of lemon juice to resolve the problem. Apply this paste an hour before you shampoo and wash well to rinse of all the traces.

Amla Adds Black Luster

Black Walnut Adds Dark Highlights

The leaves of the Black walnut are great for adding black shine to hair. It is often advised to infuse the leaves in a hair oil of one’s choice and boil it well. The concoction should be massaged well onto the scalp.

Using black walnut powder is also an effective way of darkening hair. Soak ¼ cup of the dried powder in a tea bag with in 6 cups of water and allow it to sit for overnight. This could be strained and used as a hair rinse for your next day’s shampoo ritual.

Black Walnut Adds Dark Highlights

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Black Tea is the Easiest Shortcut to Black Hair

As mentioned above, tea liquor or black tea is a very good and easy to prepare concoction for healthy black hair. The dark tea adds a tinge of blackness and shine to hair. Wash hair with black tea as the last rinse. It also is known to keep grey hair and hair shedding at bay.

Black Tea For Hair

Cloves Add More than Dark Tinge

Cloves are good for preparing hair rinses. Boiling a handful of cloves in water for a few minutes and then cooling it well for a hair rinse is a good idea. The herb adds dark tinge and also comforts the browns of the hair.

While routine oiling and rinsing with the herbs mentioned above might infuse nourishment to the hair shafts and roots, consuming good amounts of protein might be crucial as well. Hair is a protein matrix and so, poor health of hair, by way of shedding or graying suggests a lack of the same. In order to restore the health, consume proteins, calcium, vitamins and essential minerals like Iron.

Cloves Add More than Dark Tinge