Give Your Yard A Hill View By Creating A Rock Garden

Give Your Yard A Hill View By Creating A Rock Garden

Give Your Yard A Hill View By Creating A Rock Garden Rock garden is an excellent way to groom your outdoor area and give your garden area an aesthetic appeal. Rock gardens are easy to maintain and creates a beautiful landscape that brings you closer to nature right in your yard.

If you are planning to build a rock garden, you need to follow certain basic steps and avoid few drawbacks that people commonly indulge in, in order to make it beautiful and long lasting. Many people think just putting some rocks down and planting few shrubs is all that they have to do for building a rock garden. But for creating a beautiful rock garden that will be appreciated by everyone, this is not enough.

Tips For Building a Rock Garden

Lay out a Plan

First of all, draw out a plan after imagining how you want your rock garden to look. A good layout is the first step to create a nice rock garden. You can surf the internet or look for gardening books for your favorite rock garden design.

Type of Rocks Used

After selecting a design, your next step will be choosing the type of rocks you want to use. Limestone is considered to be one of the best stones for creating a rock garden. Granite pebbles, and any other local stones of various colors like white or red can also be used to create a stunning contrast.

Proper Drainage

Rock garden can easily be constructed on any area of the ground, provided good drainage is available. Rock and mountain growing plants requires proper drainage because water bound soil is not good for these kinds of plants. The best area for rock garden will be a sloping area, so that surface water can run off easily. Natural and artificial streams not only enhance the look of rock garden, they are needed to populate rock gardens as well.

Process of Building Rock Garden

To create a natural environment and excellent drainage for the plants, the main soil area should be loose and gritty, but plants should be initially bedded in soil that is rich so that they can grow and establish. Mixture of sand and top soil is ideal for good drainage.  Your first step for building nice rock garden is building the rock foundation, then drainage and then digging small pockets filled with rich compost for plants between the rocks.

Rock Garden Styles

There are various types of rock gardens you can build according to the availability of space and your personal choice. Here are few of them:

Berm Rock Garden

If you have a level site, you can build a berm rock garden. This is a type of raised garden built with informal edges. Soil is mounted high and then different sizes of rocks are buried partly or placed around the berm. You can use different variety of plants to create an interesting look.

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Woodland Rock Garden

Woodland gardens are made with mossy and crushed rocks, allowing free draining with ground hugging wild flowers like ferns, violets, and trilliums.

Alpine Rock Garden

Rock gardens built with low-growing, dense, brilliant colored flowering alpine plants are widely used for giving a visually interesting look to the rock garden.

Desert rock gardens are created using cacti and other desert plants such as California poppies and other succulents.

While designing a rock garden, try to create a natural look. Rocks should be placed in such a way that it does not appear artificial. Use drought resistant plants and they should get enough sunlight. Use your imagination and create your own unique design.