Get Rid Of The Boils Discomfort With Home Remedies

Get Rid Of The Boils Discomfort With Home Remedies

Get Rid Of The Boils Discomfort With Home Remedies According to popular belief, the best treatment for boils involves heading to the mirror and wringing it. However, this kind of treatment will bring nothing more than irritation and pain to the surrounding skin.

This way of treating boils is also likely to spread more bacteria, unless your hands are scrupulously clean. Boils can be easily treated using teabags, essential oils, hot and cold compress, antibacterial cleansers, homeopathic tinctures and home remedies. However, make sure that the boils you are treating at home are superficial boils and not the deep ones. Deep boils require immediate medical attention.

More About Boils

Boils are undoubtedly painful and ugly. Also called skin abscess, a boil is a deep infection inside the skin and in case it is left untreated, the area may become hard and the center of boil will get filled with white blood cells.

Eruption of boils is the body’s way of getting rid of infection. Accumulation of white blood cells forms a white substance which is often called Pus. Home remedies are an excellent way of treating boils. Most of the home remedies will lead to split open the skin so that the pus can drain out.

Should Boils be Treated at Home?

You must refrain from treating boils that are deep. However, treating superficial boils that do not accompany systematic symptoms such as chills, fever and body pain can be treated with home-based treatments such as a topical antibiotic ointment, hot compress, and herbal tinctures that are available for treatment of boils at home. In case the boil increases in size and becomes red, tender and throbbing, you must go and see a doctor.

Waiting for appearance of systematic signs and symptoms is not recommended. You must go and see a doctor at the earliest but if the condition is not severe, try using home remedies.

Managing Boils

Boils can be painful and ugly. Here are a few tips should help you manage the boils.

•    Wash the eruption with soap and water regularly. This is typically important after you have returned from an outdoor trip or have indulged in any activity that involved heavy sweating.
•    You must also avoid synthetic and tight clothing. Try and wear clothes that allow breeze to pass.
•    Staying away from fried, spicy and fast foods is also recommended.
•    In case the boil is swelling up or causing pain and distress, consult a doctor.

If you’re having reoccurring boils, it may be because of weak immune system.

You must adhere to certain precautions such as practicing good hygiene, protecting skin from cuts, avoiding prolonged medications, washing hands thoroughly after treating a boil and resisting temptation to squeeze the boil. The squeezing also carries with itself the danger of making the infection spread around other areas on your body. The best way to deal with boils is to stay patient.

Home Remedies For Boils

Boils are indeed painful and they generally appear on scalp, face, groin area, under arms, thighs and buttocks. Boils can sometimes be quite difficult to treat. Below are some home remedies to treat boils, but in case the boils do not go away within a few days, you must be a doctor.

Have Foods That Boost Your Immunity

A good diet can help you get rid of boils discomfort. You must eat those foods that improve your immune system. Green tea is known to boost immunity as well as kill harmful bacteria in body. Garlic is also a food that will boost immunity and behave as an antibiotic. You can also have those foods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Treat Boils With Turmeric

Turmeric is a very well known Indian spice but it is also available in the form of capsules. Turmeric is not only used to heal infections and skin diseases, it also finds its use as a pain killer. Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic herb. You can make a turmeric paste using a small amount of turmeric powder and a little water. Make sure you do not add too much water to the turmeric paste.

After the paste has been prepared, apply it over the boil and then cover the area with gauze. Let the boil remain covered for the whole day. You only need to remove the gauze next day and see if the boil has completely gone or reduced in size. Even after the boils have disappeared, you must have turmeric capsules. It’ll prevent reoccurrence of boils.

Cornmeal Paste To Treat Boils

Take half a cup of cold water and add cornmeal to it. Mix them together in order to form a thick paste. Apply this paste over the boil and cover it with a cloth. You need to keep applying the cornmeal paste till the time boil heads and drain. Cornmeal paste can be applied after every two hours till the time boils disappear completely.

Use Suction To Treat Boils

Boil a small bowl, or a cup in a pot for a few minutes. Now take out the cup or whatever utensil you’re using out of hot water and let it cool a bit. Do not allow the utensil to cool too much, as in that case it would not work properly. The cup should be warm enough to work as a suction tool. Simply place the warm cup over the boil and allow the hot utensil to perform suction. This will increase the blood circulation and help boil to mouth out. By using hot suction, you will cause the boil to slit open and drain away the pus.

Garlic And Onion Juice Remedy For Boils

Garlic and Onion juice is quite effective to slit-open the boil and dispel all the pus. A mixture of both these juices can be used and applied directly over the boil.

The above written home remedies can help you get rid of the boils discomfort and pain. While it is not possible to completely prevent boils, you can successfully reduce the outbreaks by practicing personal hygiene and good skincare habits.