Funky Halloween Makeup Tips

Funky Halloween Makeup Tips

Funky Halloween Makeup Tips Are you planning to do something funky and crazy for this year’s Halloween? Then you have come to the right place. Here are a few fabulous tips on Halloween makeup, which will undoubtedly get your family and friends to scream and shriek. These tips will help to transform you from the guy or girl next door to a vampire or zombie with terrifying ease! Incorporate these grisly face and body makeup techniques and transform your attractive self into something unforgettable and scary.

Preparations for the Event

Plan Ahead

Start planning for Halloween in advance and not just the night before. Get all the materials, costumes, makeup items and props and start your preparations for your Halloween early in the day. Place all the makeup items and other materials to ensure that you haven’t missed out on anything that you’ll need.Keep your hair away from the face, so that it doesn’t mess up your makeup. Cover the hair with a scarf, as you can view your entire face clearly.

Getting Started

Decide whether you want to apply make-up after or before wearing the Halloween costume

If you can easily wear the costume without touching the face and if you are sure that the makeup is not going to be ruined then you can go ahead with your makeup. It is always easy to do makeup without your costume as you need not fret about messing up the outfit. On the other hand, if the costume is difficult to wear then the only option is to get into the costume and then put on your makeup. In order to protect your Halloween costume from makeup spatters and drips, you can wrap a towel around the neck.

Halloween Makeup Tips

To get Wrinkled Look

In order to get the wrinkled old look some people draw dark lines on the face, which doesn’t serve the purpose. To get the perfect old look, cover the face in a color that is lighter than the normal shade using blemish cover stick or baby powder.

 Halloween Makeup

Now, draw the lines and blend these dark lines in to the surrounding area with the help your finger tips. Give the dry and old look to your skin by adding some baby powder. This powder can also be used on your hair for a gray look.

Which is Witch?

In order to get this look, cover the face with white or green makeup powder or blemish stick. In the center of the forehead, draw lines in the shape of “V” using a black makeup brush. Don’t forget to draw lines around the area of the mouth too. Eyeliner pen can be used to create lines on the hands to look like veins, so that the hand appears old. Spray and tease the hair with super stick hairspray and to complete the look you can place couple of plastic bugs.

Vampire Look

Cover your face completely with a white blemish cover stick or white makeup powder. Outline the eyebrows and fill with black color. Using reddish-brown makeup you can draw lines on the face.

Funky Halloween Makeup Tips

Now, you need to smudge the edges a little bit. Fake blood can be used to give the dripping effect from the edge of the mouth. The hair has to be combed into a pointed form on the forehead. The transformation is completed by using the fake teeth.

To get recently Punched Look

You need to definitely prepare in advance to get this look, as the tools required are not so easy to find. Spirit Gum and Modeling Wax are the items required to get this bruised look. Spirit Gum is applied in a thin layer on the face, where you want the contusion. Now, apply the Modeling Wax after shaping it into the preferred size on the Spirit Gum.

The edges have to be blended into the skin, so that the wax is flat and looks as though it is part of your facial skin. The excess gum and wax can be cleared from the face, once you blend the edges properly using the tip of your fingers and cleansing cream. The new bruise is now blended into your skin color using the makeup foundation with a purplish tinge to give it a realistic look. A small circle can also be carved into the bruise, where you can apply gooey green substance or fake blood.

Be creative, as nothing is too outlandish or bizarre for Halloween. If you get an idea to do something wild at the last possible chance, then don’t hesitate, go for it! In case, it doesn’t work then go back to your original plan (only if you have started early and have enough time to clean up).