Fun DIY Lava Lamps, even kids can make it

Fun DIY Lava Lamps

Lava lamps, as exciting the name sounds its more fun making it all by yourself. Even kids and adults can together indulge in this fun task. All your gonna need is some empty bottles or jar, cooking oil or any other oil, water and some food color. Also glitters are optional and Alka-Seltzer tablets or any Airborne or Pop Rocks.

Just as you drop in the tablet you could see bubbles rising in the bottle, the oil and water mixture fuming like volcanic lava, hence the name. But the bubbles last as long as the tablet lasts. It creates an enigmatic visual effect and is also quite thrilling to watch in the dark. With a little addition of glitters and a flash light it appears more alive. You must have seen many ready-made lava lamps sold in stores, try make one at your home. Its not only fun but an interesting way to observe how science works. It is nothing less than an intriguingly domestic science experiment. Water and oil can never be mixed, when food color is added it sinks down slowly, as if it be enchanted towards water and sinks mixing in. And as the tablet is dropped in, in reacting with water, it creates a bubble blast disruption in the settled mixture. The animated colorful disturbance in the liquid within the jar is quite a feast to the eyes.

It is a fun project to involve kids in this fun filled, exciting and simple science experiment.