Fun Activities For Children


children Children are bundles of energy. It is hard to keep them occupied in a single activity for a long time. They are not tied by any inhibitions and would love to try new activties every day. A child’s routine is often split into  two; their school time and home time.

Often their home time is spent by gluing themselves to the TV or by being addicted to video games. Parents are often helpless in finding other options or they themselves encourage their children to these habits just to get time to do their work.

Why not find some interesting activities that can liven up your child’s day and add  value to their lives. Children love having varied entertainment options and are quick to grasp and adopt new things into their life. Here are some interesting activities that you can introduce them to.

Activities For Children

Books and Literature

Books are the windows to the world. In this day of computers, books have often taken back seat. Encourage the reading habit in your children. Get them membership in the neighborhood libraries and the books clubs in school. Reading gives them access to the knowledge storehouses and also acts as a good stress buster.

Many a time these book clubs organize dramas based on ancient plays like Shakespeare. This will help them get in touch with the classics and also is a great recreational activity.Encourage your children to write. It can be their personal journal, poems or even short stories. Verbalizing their thoughts make them analyze their day and take stock of their activities.


This also helps them handle their inner thoughts their frustrations and any stress that they are facing. Children have an impressionable mind, so be aware of the kind of books that they are reading. Encourage them to read books that are of good ethical values like the auto biographies or biographies of great personalities and light hearted fiction.

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Arts and Crafts

Develop an interest for your child in arts and crafts activities. These activities are good to promote hand and eye co-ordination and to stimulate the creative thinking faculties of the mind. Art lessons can include drawing and painting activities, paper mache art, painting, pottery making, glass painting, fabric painting and greeting card making.


This will promote the kids to use their thinking prowess and creative ability. Crafts classes offer a variety of options like building prototypes of vehicles, replicas of monuments, doll making, puppetry, and knitting. Introducing arts and crafts to children will help fine tuning the artistic inclination in them.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking, camping and forest treks are some of the interesting outdoor activities that can be undertaken. Encourage your children to love nature and appreciate it.  Treks in national parks and zoological gardens are informative as the children get to know different kinds of flora and fauna.

Outdoor activities are not only a great recreational option but they also are a good physical activity for children.  Children enjoy taking part in outdoor sports like football, cricket, rugby and beach ball. Outdoor activities are great stress busters and help the children cope up with their academic demands.