French Macaroon Recipe

French Macaroon Recipe

French Macaroon Recipe French macaroons are sweet little desserts usually filled with, butter cream or jam filling and they very closely resemble a sandwich or burger. The best thing about French macaroons is that they can be prepared with an endless variety of color and flavor options and even the filling can differ according to your taste and likings.

You may use simple raspberry jam, peanut butter, buttercream and even the delectable glossy chocolate ganache to fill up these little heavenly delicacies. Just put in a little love, care and patience in them and you will definitely be able to get the perfect batch of French macaroons.

Difficulty level: Easy
Yields per recipe: 25-30 sandwiches
Preparation time required: 1 hour- 1 ½ hours
Baking time required: 30- 35 minutes

Appliances Required For French Macaroon

1 handheld or standing electric mixer
1 large wire sifter
1 food processor
1 large mixing bowl
2 cookie sheets
1 wire whisk
2 parchment papers
Piping bag or zip-lock plastic bag
Plastic cling film
1 rubber spatula
1 sauce pan
1 heat proof bowl

Ingredients required

1 cup of confectioner’s sugar
2 large egg whites (at room temperature)
10-12 almonds
Food coloring (optional)
A pinch of cream of tartar or salt
4 tablespoons of superfine sugar

For the chocolate ganache

2 ounces of bittersweet chocolate chips
1 teaspoon of pure almond extract
A pinch of salt
4 tablespoons of heavy cream
1 teaspoon + ½ teaspoon of unsalted butter, at room temperature

Method of preparation

1. Take the almonds in a bowl and cover those with boiling water. Let the almonds sit in the water for 1 minute and then drain off the water. Rinse the almonds immediately in cold water and then drain again. Then take the almonds in your hands and slowly and carefully pull off the skins to blanch them.

Once you are done blanching your almonds, transfer them to a food processor and add 2/3rd cup of confectioner’s sugar to that. Pulse the mixture on high until you get a very fine powder. You can also store this powder in an airtight container if you have grounded a lot of it.

2. Now set a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit on your oven to preheat it and then prepare the cookie sheets by lining them up with parchment paper. Now take the confectioner’s sugar in a large wire sifter and put a bowl below it to collect the sifted sugar in it. Add 2/3rd cup of grounded almond to the sugar and sift the mixture together to take out any impurities or lumps from it. Once done, give a brief mixing to mix both the things and then set aside the bowl.

3. Next, take an egg and crack it open, so that you get exact halves of the egg shells in your two hands. Then immediately toss the egg yolk through the egg shells to collect only the egg white in the bowl below. Collect both the egg whites in the same process and then cover the bowl with a plastic cling film. Let the egg white sit on your counter for 10-15 minutes and then transfer it to a big mixing bowl.

Whisk the egg whites until frothy and then add the cream of tartar or salt to it and whisk again until you get soft peaks. Once that happens, add the superfine sugar to the egg whites mixture and whisk for 2 minutes more or until you get stiff peaks of egg whites.

4. Now take the confectioner’s sugar and ground almond mixture and fold it in the egg mixture. You may do that atleast 2-3 times to make the folding easier. Once done, you may add the food coloring now if you are using that. Now if you are ready with the batter, fill up a piping bag with the batter or you may also do that using a plastic zip lock bag. For that, insert one corner of the plastic bag in a glass and fill up the bag with the batter.

Once the entire batter goes inside the bag, take out the bag from the glass and hold it in a way to push the entre batter towards one of the corners of the bag.

5. Now take the prepared cookie sheets and squeeze out a small dollop of batter on that. Arrange the dollops a few inches apart as they will swell up on baking. Once done, let the cookies sit at room temperature for 25-30 minutes, because that will help the cookies dry and bake easily. After the time elapses, transfer the cookie sheets to the preheated oven and bake them for 30 minutes. Turn the cookie sheets after 15 minutes to cook the cookies evenly.

6. In the meantime, you can prepare the chocolate ganache. For that, take the bittersweet chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl and the heavy cream in a saucepan. Place the sauce pan on medium heat and heat up the cream until it just starts to boil.

Don’t let the cream boil or you won’t get the desired results. Once that happens, pour the hot heavy cream over the chocolate and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Check back the chocolate after 1-2 minutes and then gently whip it with a wire whisk, to combine the cream and chocolate thoroughly.

7. Next, add in a pinch of salt, almond extract and the unsalted butter to the ganache and whisk to combine everything nicely. Once done, let the ganache sit for 30 minutes, so that it can harden up before you can fill up the macaroons with the ganache. Now take out the cookies from the oven and let them sit at room temperature until they are slightly cooled down.

Once the cookies are cooled enough to handle, flip them over and fill up the flat side of the cookies with a bit of the ganache. Put another cookie on top of each cookie and you are ready with your French macaroons.


1. Try to let your egg whites sit in the room temperature for a few hours before whisking them. This is because eggs at room temperature whisk easily and deliver better results than cold egg whites.

2. Don’t over fold or under fold your batter. Over folding the batter may make it too soft to make the cookies, and under folding may deliver harder cookies.

3. Let your cookies sit at room temperature for at least 20-25 minutes before baking. Or else they will fall apart if you try to bake them immediately and you won’t get the perfect crispy top and chewy center texture of macaroons.