4 French Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The French are known for their classic sense of style and French interiors are no exception. If you are planning to redo your house and you want a classic, understated style for your bedroom you can go for the French look which spells of sobriety and elegance.

French Bedroom Decor

Even if you do not plan on redoing your entire house, you can use small and intricate details that the French use, to bring in the French country style into your own bedroom.

Useful French Bedroom Decor Tips

What Color Should You Paint The Room?

The French style is always very understated and sober while being very classy . So do not use loud colors. The shades used should be very light, feminine and preferably pastel. You can use buttercup yellow, light baby blue, beige and creams for the walls. The colors should all be conducive to nature and it should be relaxing.

Use shades that are earthy, pinks and roses along with pastel green are great shades when you want to bring in the appeal of a French bedroom into your house. If you like using wallpapers, you must choose something that is equally understated. Keep it minimal with little floral patterns done on it to blend well with the rest of the room.

Color Should You Paint The Room

Choosing The Right Furniture

Once you understand the nature of French décor it will not be difficult for you to select the right furniture for your bedroom. Wooden furniture is ideal for this look. You can visit an antique store to look for an old fashioned large French bed if your budget permits you.

If you already have a bed that you don’t want to put away you can paint it in coordinating pastel shades with the color of the room and by adding a large carved headboard it will fit in beautifully. Use elegant chairs with intricate designs on them or you can add a comfortable and cozy armchair at one corner of the room to add that much essential French country feel to your home.

Choosing The Right Furniture

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Deciding On The Right Furnishings

Since you want to give your room a classic time less feel you must make use of floral prints around the room. For the bedspreads use coordinating colors in pastels and feminine prints for a perfect synchronization. Floral designs are often used but you can think out of the box.

You can use an antique quilt for the bed to add an interesting element to the decor. You can use light flowing materials for the curtains. The room must have enough light in it so allow natural light to permeate into the room.

Deciding On The Right Furnishings

How To Accessorize The Room

Just as the rest of the décor the accessories has to be kept simple as well. You can add a creative touch by adding one statement piece on the wall. You can use a large mirror for adorning the walls or even a pretty family portrait. Or you can use lots of floral paintings on the wall.

It’s a great idea to add an antique wash stand on one corner of the room to add an old world charm to it. If you have collected lots of souvenirs from various travels, you can display them on a particular wall. The room should appear cheerful and happy so use a lot of flowers around the room.

Accessorize The Room