6 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to take proper care to ensure a healthy, complication free pregnancy. Pregnancy is a complex process which involves a lot of changes within the body. It is also the responsibility of the expectant parents, especially the mother and the care givers to ensure that no harm of any kind reaches the baby developing inside the womb.

For a while as an expectant mother you may have to forgo certain activities and indulgences to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby being born. Along with various essential things it is mandatory to have the right kind of nutrition in right amount to ensure proper development of the baby and healthy pregnancy weight gain.

Ensuring A Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is ensured if you plan properly, get pregnant at the right age, follow a healthy lifestyle, take proper pregnancy diet, avoid toxins and rash lifestyle and take proper rest and sleep. It is also necessary that you remain aware and alert to avoid the foods that can be harmful during pregnancy due to certain elements present in them.

It may be impossible for us to guess which such foods are because otherwise when we consume such things we don’t usually get any health problems. However, pregnancy is a delicate phase and certain toxins can be highly harmful for the developing fetus.

List Of Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Junk Foods

Avoid Junk Foods During Pregnancy

Junk foods may contain non essential nutrients and may be steeped in fat and calories. Healthy snacks can be considered during pregnancy to combat hunger pangs but the unhealthy junk foods may simply aggravate pregnancy discomfort by causing heart burn, indigestion and excess weight gain.

Raw foods And Undercooked Foods

Raw foods like raw meat, raw eggs or raw sea food must be avoided during pregnancy.  Raw or undercooked seafood like fish, shellfish, oysters and clams must be absolutely avoided. Risks of being contaminated with toxoplasmosis, Coli form bacteria and salmonella are high in raw or undercooked meat. Whichever meat or seafood you take must be fresh and well cooked. Eggs should be hard boiled before eating.

Avoid Raw foods During Pregnancy

Deli Meat And Refrigerated Food Items

Deli meats should be heated till they are steaming hot or else shouldn’t be considered to be eaten at all during pregnancy as these may be contaminated with a potentially harmful substance listeria that can initiate a miscarriage. Refrigerated meats, seafood, pates and meat spreads other than canned and self stable ones should be avoided.

Avoid Meat And Refrigerated Food During Pregnancy

Unpasteurized foods

Unpasteurized foods like brie, camembert, feta, blue cheese and soft cheese that are made from unpasteurized milk must be avoided. Take pasteurized milk and cheese and dairy products that confirm to be prepared from pasteurized milk as otherwise there can be risks of food borne diseases.

Avoid Camembert Food During Pregnancy

High Mercury Content Fish And Fish Exposed To Industrial Toxins

High mercury content fish like king mackerel, tilefish, swordfish and shark should be avoided as these cause toxin build up. Check fishes that can be exposed to industrial toxins and therefore be avoided.

Avoid  Tilefish Food During Pregnancy

Caffeine, alcohol And Unwashed Vegetables

Avoid Alcohol During Pregnancy

Caffeine intake through coffee or soft drinks should be in moderation and avoid alcohol completely as it may cause fetal defects. Ensure to clean vegetables properly before consuming them.

  During Pregnancy