Foods That Help You Grow Taller

Foods That Help You Grow Taller

Foods That Help You Grow Taller Every one likes to look tall and statuesque. Taller people are considered more attractive and intelligent as well.

As a result, tall individuals are given more respect than shorter people. Although height does not play a direct role in determining ones achievement of life goals or happiness, it does play an indirect role.

Tall people have more self confidence than short people. This self confidence helps them to face challenges in their personal life and in the work front better. A recent survey that was conducted to discover the link between height and earnings has revealed that, taller people earn much more than shorter people in the same job category.

Factors Which Influence an Individual’s Height

Genetics plays an important role in determining an individual’s height. Children born to tall parents will grow up to become tall individuals themselves. Besides genes, nutrition also plays an important role in determining a person’s height. Malnutrition or improper nutrition can stop a person from reaching his or her full height.

Individuals who frequently fell sick during their childhood are normally shorter than those who had a healthy childhood free from all types of sickness and ill health. Even an individual’s emotional state of mind can affect his or her height.

Today, an average American male stands at around five feet nine inches, while the average height of an American woman is five feet four inches.

Foods That Help You Grow Taller

As mentioned earlier, nutrition plays an important role in determining an individual’s height. To grow tall, a child should be given nutritious food items. This article focuses on some of the food items, which will help individuals to grow nice and tall.

Calcium Rich Foods

For developing strong and healthy bones, calcium is extremely vital. Some of the food items which are rich in calcium include milk, ice cream, cheese and cream. These dairy foods are not only rich in calcium, but they also contain plenty of proteins and vitamin D. Vegetables like kale, collard greens, bok choy and turnip greens are also rich sources of calcium. Calcium in combination with Vitamin D plays an important role in helping children grow tall and strong.

Calcium rich foods alone will not help children attain their full heights. Along with calcium rich foods, children should also get plenty of vitamin D. One of the best natural sources of vitamin D is sunlight. So ensure that your child is exposed to plenty of sunlight every single day. Exercises, particularly weight bearing exercises, helps the body absorb calcium better. Jogging, walking and climbing the stairs are examples of weight bearing exercises which helps the body absorb the mineral calcium faster and better.

Vitamin A Rich Foods

To grow nice and tall, a person should have strong and healthy bones. The body requires variety of minerals and vitamins to ensure bone health. One such vitamin is vitamin A. While an overdose of vitamin A can lead to toxicity, a person should consume adequate amounts of vitamin A rich foods.

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Some of the foods which are rich in vitamin A include red bell peppers, apricots, chard, spinach, raw carrots and turnip greens. If a person is not getting enough vitamin A through food, then that person should take a good vitamin A supplement after consulting the doctor.

Protein Rich Foods

If you want to have a good height, you must eat plenty of protein rich foods. Some of the best sources of proteins are animal based foods; however there are plenty of protein rich foods which are suited for vegetarians. Foods which are rich in proteins include, beef fillet, lamb, crab meat, goji beans, almonds, baked beans and anchovies to name a few.

Most of the protein rich foods are also rich in other essential nutrients including magnesium, iron, vitamin E and zinc. Proteins in combination with these essential nutrients are extremely important for the repair and growth of the human body. Besides this, protein rich foods are also excellent sources of energy.

Foods Rich in Zinc

A zinc deficiency can hamper a child’s normal growth and development. Eating foods which are rich in zinc can help to strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system means fewer chances of contracting diseases and falling sick. Children who have a strong immune system and don’t fall sick as easily or frequently as a child with a weak immune system, are able to grow much taller. Foods which are rich in zinc include oatmeal, nuts and seeds, liver, chicken and pork. Oysters are also loaded with zinc.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

As mentioned earlier calcium in combination with vitamin D can help individuals achieve their full height.  One of the best, cheapest and natural sources of vitamin D is sunlight. Children who avoid the sunlight and sit indoors may suffer from stunted growth. Besides sunlight, there are several food items which are rich in vitamin D. Some of the dietary sources of vitamin D include eggs, dairy products, liver, beef and cod liver oil.

Whole Grains and Starches

Growing children need plenty of calories to fuel their burgeoning energy levels and for proper development of their bones. Eating foods prepared from whole grains, help children to get the much needed calories. Adequate amounts of calories can help children grow tall and strong.

Starchy foods provide children with plenty of energy. Starchy foods are rich in essential nutrients like selenium, B vitamins and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals can ensure a child’s proper growth and development.


Ensure that your child eats at least five servings of fruit every day. Give your child plenty of seasonal fruits to help them achieve their full height. Fruits are rich sources of vitamin E, vitamin C, folate and potassium. All these essential nutrients can help to strengthen a child’s immune system. Children who have a strong immune system are able to fight disease conditions better. Make sure that your child eats plenty of vitamin C rich fruits. Most citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.

A healthy diet in conjunction with adequate rest and proper exercise can help individuals grow tall. So make sure that you do not compromise on any of these elements, if you want to become a tall person.