Follow These Essential Tips To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

get rid of frizzy hair

get rid of frizzy hair A frizzy hairdo can be extremely hard to maintain, especially if you happen to be outside on a windy day. In addition to looking unkempt, frizzy hair tends to be dull and lifeless; and can be an extreme source of embarrassment for you at a social gathering or event.

While some individuals have naturally frizzy hair, others tend to develop the same over a period of time during which they treat their hair to several styling products, the result of which leads to frizziness!

Not to worry though. For here are some sure shot methods to help you combat frizzy hair. So be it the natural texture of your mane or the undesired result of certain products, follow these golden rules to make sure that your hair regains its luster, and looks sleek and chic!

Cold Hair Rinses

I know it is particularly hard for us to take bath in cold water during the winter. But believe me, cold water would actually make your hair look better than never before. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, wash it with cold water. The colder, the better!

Reason for this:

Cold water manages to close up the hair cuticles, thus enabling them to retain their natural luster and shine. Hot water on the other hand washes away the conditioner completely, thereby washing away its effect on the hair as well.

Using the Right Products

There are countless numbers of styling products in the market which promise you instant or long term results; but deliver neither! And although styling products help you to protect your tresses from external elements like heat and wind, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a particular product for your hair.

Reason for this:

Different styling products work for different hair textures. If you choose a particular product that does not suit your hair type, chances are that after the application of the same, your hair would develop undesirable side effects like coarseness, greasiness, or dryness.

The Best options:

If you have coarse or dry hair, it is best recommended that you opt for high quality treatment oils over styling products. These so called treatment oils would make sure that your hair retains the necessary amount of moisture it needs in order to look better. If you have fine hair, it is highly recommended that you opt for an anti frizz lotion or cleansing milk that is both lightweight and effective.

Keep your hair moisturized

Reason for this:

Hair that loses its moisture can look very dull, dry and frizzy. And so, in order to make sure that you hair looks sleek and shiny, you need to make sure that you moisturize it regularly.

Accordingly, you can opt for regular conditioning sessions to make sure that your hair retains its moisture content even on hot days. Frizzy hair tends to become more dehydrated than other hair types. In order to combat the issue, you can opt for deep conditioning treatments (like conditioning masks) at least twice a week for desirable results. In addition to making sure that your hair retains its moisture content, these treatments would ensure that your hair remains shiny and frizz free.

The right time to go in for a hair cut

It is highly recommended that you opt for regular hair cuts to maintain the smooth texture of your hair. Opt for hair cuts (or trims) once every two months in order to avoid frizziness.

Reason for this:

Most of us tend to cut our hair and then forget all about it until it grows back to its previous length. And by the time that happens, we find plenty of split ends and broken strands; things that would make our hair look all the more frizzier.

Use of Flat and Curling Irons

I could never figure out a clear, logical reason for my friend’s act of using an iron box to ‘iron’ her hair after a wash. But then,  I guess that was the secret behind her shiny, straight hair, something I don’t have till date.

If you have frizzy hair and love straight hair instead, then you can possibly opt for hot flat irons. And when I mean hot, I mean the maximum heat the iron can work with (around 350 to 450 degrees). This would enable you to work on each section of your hair only once or twice for fruitful results.

Reason for this:

If you use a flat iron with lesser heat, you would need to run it over your hair multiple times until you achieve the desired effect. The process can damage your hair to a great extent, leaving it burnt, coarse or frizzier.

Take note of the additional tools

Blow Driers:

Blow drying your hair will give you the desired effect only if you opt for a professional blow dryer. Leaving your hair at the mercy of cheap and local brands would most definitely spell doom for your beautiful tresses.

The recent blow dryers introduced in the market come with certain additional features like speedy drying time and ionic technology etc. These features enable your hair to retain its luster and shine by sealing the hair cuticles.

Combs and Brushes:

I for one never realised the importance of choosing a good quality brush to comb my hair until it was too late. Neither do several women out there who just opt for cheap, low quality brushes or combs that can actually have adverse affects on fragile hair. Accordingly, some brushes can tug, pull or break the hair cuticles, leading to a frizzy, unkempt look.

The Best Option:

It is always considered best to opt for good quality brushes over the cheap ones. Natural bristle brushes are considered the best options for frizzy hair. These brushes can smooth frazzled ends and polish the shaft with ease, thereby making your hair look lustrous and smooth in no time at all.

It also pays to brush your hair from the root to tip at least twice every day, most preferably once in the morning and once in the night. This action would ensure that the natural oil (a natural smoother) present in your hair is distributed evenly from the scalp, throughout the shaft, to the end.

Take care of your hair:

It is never too late to start taking care of your tresses. Set aside some time and effort to take care of your hair just as you do for your body. Follow these simple tips religiously and you would be amazed by the quick and effective results.