Follow The Simple Aloo Paratha Recipe

‘Yum’ is the only interjection that comes to mind as one mentions the ridiculously mellowing Aloo Parathas. A main course meal savored, particularly, in northern region of India, is served hot with butter, curd and/or pickle.

As you develop taste for it, all you want is- more! Preparing them requires a little bit of effort; consider the following recipe as your guide to make these parathas at home and enjoy their endless delectability.

Ingredients For Aloo Paratha

5-6 potatoes (medium sized)
Salt to taste
A full tsp coriander powder
A bunch of coriander leaves
4-5 green chilies
3 medium size onions
½ tsp red chilly powder
½ tsp garam masala
¾ tsp cumin powder
Refined oil
3-4 cups of wheat flour
½ tsp carom seeds
A small piece of garlic

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Making Dough

Start by kneading the wheat flour. In a bowl, put the flour and 3 tsp of cooking oil; slowly add water and start kneading it with hands. Make a firm mass out of it. If the dough formed is too soft or slippery, dust some flour over it and knead it again.

Remove the dough from the bowl and place it over a perfectly flat surface. Knead the dough more-for about 5-6 minutes so that it becomes smooth and can be rolled easily. Keep the dough aside for about half an hour.

Boiling Potatoes And Mixing spices

In a pressure cooker, boil potatoes. After the first whistle, sim the flame. Let the potatoes boil for another 15 minutes. Take them out of the pressure and let them cool down  a bit.

Peel their skin off and mash them in a bowl. Do not crush them too much or they would leak out of the dough upon rolling. Add salt, coriander powder, red chili powder, and grated garlic to them. Also add chopped green chilies, garam masala, and carom seeds too.

Nicely dice the onions and add them too to the above mixture. Blend the potato masala-mixture well with a spoon.

Rolling To Make Parathas

By this time, the dough becomes ready to be rolled. Take a small portion out of the dough and shape it like a ball. Place it over belan (flat wooden/ marble surface for rolling) and press with a rolling pin. Start rolling out the dough to make a circular shape. Only a bit of rolling is required at this point.

Stuffing Them

Heat a griddle over flame. As it is warming up, you complete the stuffing part of the recipe. Pick up a portion of potato masala-mix and place it over the rolled chapatti. Make sure that the stuffing is restricted to the central part, away from the edges. Press gently the mix and start closing the rolled dough from the top by picking the edges. Seal these at the top, press a bit and with the help of some flour, start rolling again to form a full chapatti.


Place this rolled parantha onto the hot griddle. As one side is cooked a bit, turn it over. Soak this side with refined oil. As the side facing the griddle gets cooked, turn the parantha again and let it cook.

Place the paratha in a casserole and smear ghee/ butter over it. Similarly roll other parathas. Serve hot with salted curd, mint chutney or mango pickle.

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