Five Symptoms Of Pregnancy Diabetes

Diabaties During pregnancy Diabetes during pregnancy is also referred to as the gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is mostly diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy. Diabetes may happen due to two reasons, the first being the deficiency of insulin in the body or malfunctioning of the insulin absorbing body tissues.

Here is a brief description of some of the major symptoms of pregnancy diabetes:

Symptoms Of Pregnancy Diabetes


The problem of excessive thirst is also called polydipsia. A pregnant woman who feels excessively thirsty may have chances to suffer from gestational diabetes. You may feel very exhausted and thirsty at regular intervals.

This thirst is not as the regular one. In case you feel that you are feeling thirsty more than a limit, then you should surely consult your doctor for a check up and a test so that any such problem can be diagnosed and treated at the right time. Normally the thirst is fulfilled by drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water, but in case you are drinking a lot more than this, then it is time to visit your doctor for diagnosis.

Vision Impairment

Another symptom of pregnancy diabetes may be vision impairment in which a woman faces problem in viewing things. In case you are facing problem in viewing things or you are not able to view the things clearly with your eyes, or there is blurriness in everything you see, then you are probably suffering from vision impairment.

It may also be a sign that you are suffering from diabetes. Vision impairment may be judged if you experience halos while viewing the lights. Any of these problems must be consulted immediately with your doctor as it can be an indication of diabetes.

Excessive Hunger

Diabaties During pregnancy

Over eating is also one of the major symptoms of pregnancy diabetes. Usually excessive hunger is a very common symptom that a diabetic patient may face. So if you eat more than your regular diet on a regular basis, then you should get yourself immediately diagnosed for diabetes.

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Fatigue refers to conditions in which you feel very weak and drained out. You feel the lack of energy in yourself. When you feel that you are easily getting tired and you don’t have any energy left to move around or do some work, then probably you are suffering from fatigue.

Fatigue is similar to drowsiness, but a little different from it. As drowsiness is the feeling of sleep and fatigue is the feeling of lack of energy.

Frequent Urination

Another common symptom of pregnancy diabetes is increased frequency of urination. You must be well aware of your urination frequency, but in case there seems to be some change in it and you feel that you are urinating more frequently without the intake of much liquid diet, then you should consult your doctor.

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage of a woman’s life. Therefore, any sort of abnormal activity should be looked into very carefully as we never know which problem can lead to a severe problem and negatively affect both the mother and the baby.

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