5 Effective Natural Cures For Poison Ivy

Natural Cure To Poison Ivy

Skin irritations can occur with being subjected to poisonous entities and substances. The resulting options may be soreness or conditions pertaining to severe pain and discomfort. Over the years the requirement of staying in close proximity to objects having irritable properties associated have been a common phenomenon.

Poison ivy comes around as a similar ailment which in turn can be treated using several therapies in hand. Both allopathic and natural options can be used but the latter is mostly preferred owing to the lesser number of side effects associated with the same. Some of the most well comprehended techniques involve:

Effective Natural Cures For Poison Ivy

Jewelweed As An Effective Resort


This comes as one of the most effective of the home remedies available in treating the irritable condition. The herb needs to be rubbed over the affected region so as to provide ready relief to the patients. Skin rashes can thus be minimized by using Jewelweed with utmost precision.

Itching and the associated soreness can be well negated on using this both as raw options or the powdered form. Juices can also be extracted out of the hollow stem which in turn has to be applied to the affected area in order to provide comfort to the patients. Healing starts as soon as the subjected potion dries up making the process look effective within a week of the application.

Another Option In Goldenseal


This herb is also available easily across the marketplaces and can be used in both powdered and the natural form. The procedure involves adding one tablespoon of the powder to a cup of water which has been boiled beforehand. The solution shall be applied on being cooled to the usable limit.

Dabbing the solution over the affected region can be quite helpful as Goldenseal can soothe the ivy irritations well. It also has some well known anti inflammatory properties to help curb the swelled up regions arising out of the irritations. Blisters and rashes can be well negated on using this as the natural remedy.

Using Oatmeal To Provide Relief


Oatmeal comes around as a natural option for the patients as this needs to be cooked and applied over the affected region to effectively cure the same. The powdery substance can help enhance the healing process if taken a bath with. Entire skin surface can be coated in order to maximize the beneficial aspects associated with the same. This can be used without any side effects and the excess powder can be easily wiped out.

Intense Rubbing

hard with alcohol

This option can be painful to begin with but is highly effective. The affected region has to be rubbed hard with alcohol and then shall be cleaned up with soap and water. Poisonous strains are thus removed and hence the healing process speeds up considerably.

Increasing The Vitamin Intake


Vitamin B and vitamin C have to be supplemented with in order to help the patient combat the irritations well. Oranges can be used as the juice extracted out of these is an excellent source of vitamins, letting heal the skin ailments faster than usual.