5 Effective Natural Cures For Nearsightedness

Natural Cure To Nearsightedness

Eye problems can often be highly frustrating to deal with. With the growing pollutants in the air and excessive inclination towards the junk foods, myopia or the nearsightedness comes in as a predominant condition in many. This can often get several impairing on using fat glasses and uncomfortable lenses which in a way can be detrimental to a person’s success.

Surgery and medications can be help but shall only be taken as the last resorts. Going the natural way can effectively improve the intricate conditions by addressing this ailment perfectly. These options are healthier than the conventional methods and have minimal side effects hidden aside. Some of the most well researched natural techniques involve:

Ways To Cures For Nearsightedness

Using Avocado


As the eyesight ailments require the patients to increase their vitamin intake, avocado comes in as an effective source for the same. This plant comes in as a useful and natural option to the patients, letting them get the best sources of vitamin A and C easily. Keeping up with varied eye based requirements, avocado also overcomes the elements associated with dry eyes and also helps in refiguring the optical nerves. Nearsightedness can often disable the optic nerves which in a way can impair the viewing capacity of an individual. Avocado provides a worthy supplementary of the vitamins on being eaten raw or extracting juices out of the same.

Betel Leaf As An Effective Cure

Betel Leaf

This natural approach has many therapeutic attributes attached. On being used as a supplement, this leaf is actually great for the eyes. The inflammation resulting out of the strains can be well cured on using this as a supplement. Headaches ranging from eye strains and similar lines can be well cured using betel leaves. The procedure remains as simple as some of the leaves need to be added to the boiling water for around twenty minutes till a potent concoction is formed. This in a way needs to be taken in a cold or warm state based on the preferences of the patient.

Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises

These can be highly helpful and effective in curing myopia completely. Being the natural supplements, the eye exercise can be well conducted by closing them and including a circular movement of the same. With the advancing time length using fingers to roll over the eyeballs externally can also be quite helpful and therapeutic. Some of this even work better than the supplementation and need to be followed in the guidance of a trained professional.

A Natural Cure In Papaya


This comes as a natural treatment which in a way can be much better than the contemporaries. With ample amounts of vitamin A and beta carotene, this supplement can well cure the intricacies associated with shortsightedness. Eye strain and headaches spanning out of these can also be well avoided by taking the juices extracted out of papaya.

Using Tomatoes Well


Tomatoes also contain beta carotene in high amounts being a colored veggie. This needs to be extracted to form juices or can also be taken raw to enhance the vision and also improve the resolution of the eye lenses.