Five Amazing Sauces For Any Chicken Recipe

Eggplant and Mayonnaise Sauce

Amazing Sauces for any Chicken Recipe Sauces can instantly jazz up any boring food. If you want to give a break to the tried and tested chicken recipes you must keep a few recipes for sauces up your sleeve to turn your food from dull to delicious.

Following are five delectable sauces that will give chicken a whole new avatar.

Amazing Sauces For Any Chicken

Mango Salsa Sauce

Everybody loves mangoes. Raw mangoes make amazing tangy sauces that have a unique character of their own. To make this, peel one full raw mango, peel and chop one cucumber, chop a quarter cup of onions and quarter cup of cilantro.

Combine all the ingredients, add salt, pepper and about half a table spoon of lime juice. You may add chopped chilies if you want a spicy zing to your chicken dish. Blend this mixture and bring it to a smooth paste. Add extra virgin olive oil generously to the paste and voila! Your sauce is ready. Dress your chicken with this sauce for a perfect summer brunch.

Garlic And Cilantro Sauce

There are many sauces that have garlic and cilantro as ingredients. This sauce however has these two as the main ingredient. To make this sauce you need a cup of chopped cilantro, half a cup of parsley, half table spoon of chopped garlic, one table spoon lime juice, salt to taste and one chopped green chilly.

Garlic And Cilantro Sauce

Blend these ingredients to make a fine paste. Add mustard oil to the paste and your sauce is ready. This sauce has an Indian touch and can be a bit strong for people who are not accustomed to the pungent flavor of mustard oil. You may use olive oil as a substitute of mustard oil also.

Eggplant and Mayonnaise Sauce

This is not the most popular of all sauces, but works wonderfully for baked chicken recipes. Eggplants are a vital component in Greek, Lebanon and other Mediterranean cooking. The smoky nutty flavor of the eggplant in combination with the tanginess of the mayonnaise will add an unique touch to your chicken recipe.

To make this sauce roast the entire eggplant and dip it in cold water immediately after you take it out from the oven. This will help you to peel the skin off easily. To this add half a cup of mayonnaise, two cloves of garlic and salt to test. Blend it till you get a smooth gooey consistency. Add extra virgin olive oil to complete the sauce.

Chimichurri Sauce

This is one of the most popular sauces in Argentina and other Latin American countries. All you need is a cup of parsley finely chopped, two cloves of garlic chopped, half cup oil of your choice, one ounce of red wine vinegar, half ounce of red pepper and some salt to make this simple and popular sauce.

Chimichurri Sauce

Mix all the ingredients and let it sit for half an hour. This sauce is amazing compliment to grilled chicken. You may also use this sauce as a marinade.

Beurre Blanc or Classic Butter Sauce

You will never go wrong with this classic French sauce. It adds texture and richness almost instantly to most kind of chicken dishes. To make this sauce heat a pan and add one cup of white wine. Add quarter cup of chopped onions followed by table spoon of lemon juice. Then add quarter cup of cream and half a cup of butter. Whisk it till your sauce looks creamy and rich. You can use the sauce to dress not only chicken but roasted vegetables too.

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