Fine Dining Restaurants In Kolkata

Restaurants In Kolkata

Kolkata holds a very nostalgic spot in many people’s hearts and not just those of the residents of Kolkata. The cuisine of Bengal is unique for its subtle flavors and varied style. From spicy curries to smooth fish dishes Bengali food can serve something for every kind of taste bud.

Fine dining restaurants in Kolkata are as many and varied as the Bengali cuisine. While the fine dining restaurants in Kolkata have Bengali food at their core, they also offer cuisines which are from all across the world. Thus there are restaurants which serve continental food, those that serve Mughlai food, Punjabi food, and south Indian food and so on along with restaurants that specialize in Bengali dishes.

Fine dining restaurants with Bengali cuisine

Restaurants In Kolkata

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Among the most popular fine dining restaurants specializing in Bengali cuisine are Oh! Calcutta, Aaheli and Kewpies Kitchen. All these fine dining restaurants serve the intricate Bengali cuisine amidst an intimate setting.

Oh! Calcutta offers amazing authentic Bengali cuisine. This restaurant opened in 2002 and serves up some of the most delicious Bengali food. The restaurant has an old world setting with ancient photographs and paintings and serves food in banana leaves in keeping with the traditional Bengali style. Among the most popular dishes at Oh! Calcutta are prawns cooked in coconut gravy, steamed Hilsa, and Bhetki fish in mustard sauce. These dishes are part of traditional Bengali food that is sure to whet your heart and your appetite. This restaurant has also more than one outlets in Kolkata with several others coming up in different metros of the country.

Aaheli is another fine dining restaurant that serves wonderful Bengali cuisine. It is located in the Peerless Inn hotel. Like Oh! Calcutta, Aaheli is also steeped in traditional Bengali cuisine and culture and has a warm and inviting ambience. There are many wonderful Bengali dishes which are served at Aaheli and you can experience these dishes amongst a traditional Bengali setting.

Oh Calcutta

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Kewpies Kitchen serves fabulous food amongst a homely setting. This is a small restaurant yet it is very much in demand and this popularity means that you will have to have a reservation beforehand if you want to enjoy a dining experience at this restaurant. Located in Elgin Road, Kewpies Kitchen serves time-honored Bengali fare in an intimate familial setting. The most popular fare at Kewpies Kitchen is the Bengali Thali (platter). The food at this restaurant is served in clay and earthen plates and bowls topped with banana leaves.

Fine dining restaurants with Mughlai cuisine

With its long and intimate history with the Muslim culture, it is no wonder that the Bengalis hold mughlai cuisine close to their hearts. There are quite a few fine dining restaurants that serve mughlai cuisine as follows. The staple main course at all these restaurants is Biriyani.

The Saffron restaurant located in the Park Hotel is one of the most popular fine dining restaurants serving mughlai food. The dishes served at the Saffron include Vilayati fish kebabs, Indian salmon and pesto platter, Asparagus Khas, Mumbai Bhetki with Creole spices and Kolkata bhekti with black olives among others.

The Saffron

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Another fine dining restaurant serving mughlai food is The Marble Room at The Kenilworth hotel. The Marble Room is known for its parties and the traditional fare that is served. This restaurant has an old world princely ambience that fits perfectly with the mughlai food that is served.

The Peshawari located at the ITC Sonar Bangla and the Kalash at Hotel Hindustan International are two other fine dining restaurants which specialize in mughlai and north Indian food.

Some other fine dining restaurants with a mughlai fare are Arsalan, The Siraj and Rahmania. These restaurants are famed for their biriyanis, halims, firni and different varieties of kebabs which are at the centre of mughlai cuisine.

Honey da Dhaba is another fantastic restaurant with mughlai and Punjabi food.

Fine dining restaurants with continental cuisine

La Cusina

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There are a quite a few continental and Italian cuisine restaurants in Kolkata including The Mocambo, One Step Up and the Peter Cat which are among the most famous and popular. These three restaurants offer authentic continental cuisine including steaks, salads and others and are also equipped with bars. The Chicken Siciliana and the Chelo Kebab are among the most popular dishes.

Some other fine dining restaurants with continental food are the West View Bar & Grill which is located at the ITC Sheraton, La Cucina at the Hyatt Regency, La Terrace at the Oberoi Grand Hotel, Barbeque, The Hub and Bichitra at Peerless Inn. These restaurants are known for their classy, quiet and sophisticated ambience along with their delectable cuisine.

Fine dining restaurants with Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is also extremely popular in Kolkata like mughlai cuisine. There are several small eateries and big restaurants which serve Chinese fare. The fine dining restaurants which offer authentic Chinese food are China Valley, The Chinoiserie at the Taj Hotel, Pan Asian at the ITC Sonar Bangla, Mainland China, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the Waldorf Restaurant. From hot and spicy Chinese foods to the more muted Chinese dishes, these restaurants are known for their delicacies such as the Peking Duck and Scallops, and Cantonese and Szechwan food.

Fine dining restaurants with Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine has become recently popular in Kolkata and there are some really top of the class fine dining restaurants serving Thai food such as Ben Jarong, Baan Thai and Dynasty. Set among a Thai ambience, these restaurants offer authentic Thai cuisine.

Other than these restaurants, there a few others such as the Mustard, Dum Pukht, Orbit, Sourav’s Food Pavilion, Trincas, Grain of Salt, Oasis, and Marco Polo which are multi cuisine fine dining restaurants. With its long history and rich cultural history, Kolkata has some of the finest fine dining restaurants in the country, with some of these restaurants such as Trincas being steeped in cultural and social history themselves. The people of Kolkata love their food and it is reflected in the quality of the fine dining restaurants in the city.