6 Figure Flattering Fashion Trends For Spring

Flattering Fashion Trends For Spring

Sprig is the ideal season to be experimental with different kinds of attires. The soothing and favorable weather conditions allow one to pop in denims and also get flirty with dresses. Hence; you can imagine going to any extent with your creativity with fashion in this season – provided that you follow the fashion gurus’ prescribed color trends for spring. While spring definitely is one of the most favorable seasons for fashion experiments, the rules to appear flattering in an outfit, remains the same for this season too. This means, that if you are planning to look your best this season, you must follow the trends of spring and also ensure to target the problematic areas of your body. Here are some of the best and the most figure flattering outfits for spring, which will conceal the problematic portions of your body and will also make you appear stunning.

Here Are 6 Figure Flattering Fashion Trends For Spring:

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

A favorite among ladies of all size and shapes, the off-the-shoulder tops especially a treat for those who find their arms as the least attractively-designed parts of their body. Off-the-shoulder tops help attract attention to the more defined and slender shoulders, thereby concealing or deflecting attention from the ill-built arms. You can choose from a variety of different styles of off-shoulder tops in pastel shades, which are ideal for spring.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Floral Prints

Another favorite for spring is to adorn in the essence of spring, i.e., to embrace floral prints. You will get a variety of outfit options in floral prints. From short and cute dresses to casual trousers to shorts, you can be experimental to the lees with floral prints. However; floral prints can sometimes make you appear slightly bulkier due to the nature of the print and the base color that is used in outfits featuring these prints. Hence; if you are slightly heavier o thighs, you should try to avoid wearing floral printed trousers. Rather, opt for floral printed tops to attract attention to the top part of your body.

Floral prints

Flared Pants

Flared or bellbottomed pants can be extremely flattering in the spring time. While you may have the idea that bellbottomed pants are way out of fashion and that you would not want to portray yourself as a fashion disaster by adorning these pants, the reality is that bellbottomed pants are again making their way into the fashion world and these are ideal for women who are concerned with their rather unflattering legs and thighs.

Flared pants


An outfit that is evergreen and which can be worn down or up according to different seasons; a skirt is an ideal outfit to get into in spring. Choose pastel shades to get in tune with the charm of spring and the best thing about skirts is that you can get as decent or as flirty with skirts – depending on the length you are choosing and he part of your figure you are trying to show off or conceal.


Empire Waist Dress

Cool and air, an empire-waist dress is a perfect choice for spring. These dresses having a heighted waistline enable the wearer to stay cool and enjoy the spring better. At the same time, these also allow the wearer to conceal the problematic mid-portion of their body.

Empire waist dress

Jumper Dress

Cool and casual, you can slip in a jumper dress this spring, as this one was one of the most celebrated dresses last year and it is going to remain actively liked this season too. From denim jumpers or cotton jumpers with abstract to floral prints on them, you can choose to go experimental with all sorts of jumpers.

Jumper dress

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