Field Trip Safety For Kids

Visit To zoo

A trip for children is a refreshing change for them. Field trips are planned in schools for entertaining and educating children. Trips may be to places of historical interest, campsites, parks beaches or tourist spots. However to ensure the safety of children and make the trip enjoyable and memorable for them certain guidelines should be followed

Safety Tips For Kids Going On A Field Trip

Preparing  For The Trip

Select the destination of the trip keeping in mind the age and interests of the children. Small children may get tired easily so opt for closer destinations. Visits to zoos should be opted instead of a visit to historical place for preschool kids. Small children may get homesick so an overnight or 2 days trip is not an option for preschool kids whereas teens may enjoy such a trip.

Visit To zoo

Ensure that there is enough number of adults to accompany the children. For example a group of 40 preschool children should have 7/8 adults accompanying them.

Talk to parents about the trip planned (day, date place). Give them a list of things to send with their child .Ask them not to send any precious items such as ornaments. Ask about the health of their child and whether he or she suffers from motion sickness. Inform them about the time of departure and the time of arrival. Ask about the arrangements to drop and pick up the child from the venue of departure.

Before The Departure

Tell the children about the place and the time of departure. Always keep a margin of15 minutes after assembling and before departure in case of emergencies. Tell the children about the place they are going to visit and also tell them what to do and what is prohibited. For example in a museum they are not allowed to touch the artefacts. Perform a headcount of all the kids present on the bus. Repeat this on reaching the destination.

During The Journey

Supervise the children, to ensure that they are not leaning out of the bus. Ensure that the children suffering from motion sickness are attended appropriately and given medicines.

Field Trip

If there are breaks made for loo, or snacks do remember to perform the headcount of children again.  See that the luggage or back packs carried by children are stored safely, especially if the roads are bumpy.

At The Destination

At every tourist point or destination there are warnings stating what is prohibited, adhere to these warnings. Be especially careful at water parks, beaches and campsites. Do not allow Children to move about on their own unaccompanied, especially near water bodies. In case anyone is injured give him/her first aid.

Before  Heading Back

See that the kids have changed (in case of a visit to a beach, water park etc) and they have visited the loo before boarding the bus. See whether those suffering from motion sickness are comfortable and have had their medicines .Perform a headcount of kids and do inform any parent or a responsible person about the possible time of reaching back. If all these guidelines are followed then the field trip would certainly be safe. However don’t overdo these and remember to let children enjoy themselves, and let kids be kids. Happy Journey!

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