Feng Shui Interior Design Tips For Positive Energy

Feng Shui Interior Design Tips For Positive Energy

Feng Shui Interior Design Tips For Positive Energy Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that teaches you to create a balance of positive energy in your home for good health and fortune. Feng means wind and Shui means water, these two elements are associated with good health in Chinese culture. Feng Shui is based on using the five basic elements in your house in such a way that they produce a happy and healthy environment. These elements help to remove all the negative energy from the house and with negative energy out goes your ailments or problems. These elements are related to different colours and objects that are used in the interior of your home.

The Five Basic Elements Are:


Water is represented by water fountain, aquarium and blue or black colour.


Metal is represented by wind chimes, metal vases and metal frames. Its colours are white or grey.


Wood is represented by bamboo plant and money plant and the colours associated with wood are green and brown.


Fire is represented by candles or a fire place and the colours are red, orange, pink, purple and yellow.


Earth is represented by stones, pebbles and pottery. The colours of earth are ochre, tan and light brown.

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These five elements are used in Feng Shui interior design according to the element that suits your personality and you must consult a Feng Shui expert before using them in the interior design of your home to avoid any adverse effects.

Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas for Positive Energy

Following are some simple Feng Shui interior design ideas that you can apply in your home for a smooth flow of positive energy- Keep a clean and clear space to create positive energy. A cramped space acts as an intrusion and causes unnecessary tension in the house. Maintain an organized living environment.

Place the furniture in such a way that it does not pose a hindrance while moving in the house. Arrange evergreen plants in corners to create a fresh ambience. Avoid too many sharp edges or corners, glass tables should have curved edges and place a decoration piece in a sharp corner to break the angle. Make sure that there is a source of natural light and air in every room.

Keep your windows open during the day to let the nature in. At night avoid very bright lights in your bedroom and use soft lights and dimmers for a peaceful sleep. Avoid keeping too many knick knacks in the rooms while decorating with Feng Shui ideas. This amounts to decorative clutter and is against the Feng Shui principles.

Hang wind chimes on the front door. It floats the sounds of nature in the house and emanates positive energy. It calms the nerves and heals your body and mind. Use colours that make you happy. In Feng Shui decoration colours play an important role. They can have a positive or negative effect on your mind.

Lighting candles of your favourite colour creates a soothing environment in the house. Feng Shui decoration idea is not difficult to apply, just give in to your intuition and play with space and colours for a healthy and peaceful living.

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