5 Fashion Ideas For A 50-Year-Old Woman

Fashion Tips for 50 year old Women

Fashion ideas for a 50 year old woman are several and it only takes some time and efforts to explore what looks nice on you and what must be avoided. Fashion and style have no age and they can get trendier as you gracefully age into your golden years. 50 is the new 30 and dressing up appropriately can easily make a hundred heads turn.

Understanding your body type and keeping your age in mind while making a purchase decision are important to make fashionable choices.

Fashion Do-Not’s

There is a universal perception that women over 50 should cut their hair short and wear ill-fitting clothes especially ones that are extremely loose. Another popular myth is that vibrant colors are not meant for these women. Glasses need to be introduced and minimal accessories sported. It is true that bodies change with age and so is there a transformation witnessed after 50. But this does not mean the need to disown what you like and what you are interested in just because you have crossed 50.

Short Haircut For Old Women

Fashion Tips for 50 year old Women

Faye Dunaway, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Sophia Loren and Helen Mirren are well over 50 and yet wear attractive clothes that will put even a fashion conscious teenager to shame. Simple understated elegance, right fitting clothes and a bright attitude can perk up not just you but people around you as well. Enumerated below are certain fashion ideas that are suitable for women over 50. It is good to experiment and explore ideas to determine ways to make you look and feel good.

A Line Dress

One of those few dresses that suit every kind of body type is the A Line Dress. It flatters your body and camouflages flaws. You can wear this dress for social gatherings and also in formal places. Besides solid colors, colorful patterns can be tried out as well.

Line Dress For Old Women


Simple understated elegance defines a cardigan. They look great on all age groups and can be worn for all occasions. White or black cardigans are usual but explore other hues like burgundy, teal or blue to complement your skin tone and hair color.

Cardigans For Old Women


Jeans are basic attire for all women irrespective of their age group. Boxy looking ill fitting jeans should be avoided by women over 50 unless and until they do not want to look fashionable. Let your choice be dark wash denim with straight leg or boot cut since these are the most flattering.

Jeans For Old Women


Chiffon blouses create a gorgeous impression on 50 plus women.   They are graciously feminine although there is room for some skin show. The fabric is delicate and the fall impeccable. You can grace a social event or a cocktail party and manage to steal the show.

Chiffon For Old Women

Cashmere Sweater

The fabric feels great against your skin. It is glamorous and looks sophisticated. Do not commit the mistake of wearing loose ones and choose the more fitted types to look younger and suave.

Cashmere Sweater For Old Women

Besides these options, business formals with well cut, smooth fabric blazers look elegant on women over 50. Fashion ideas for 50 year old women do not cease until you willfully put an end to them. Wear suitably styled clothes and walk with confidence.

Fashion Ideas For A 50-Year-Old Woman