How Can Diabetes Cause Infertility In Men And Women

Facts About How Can Diabetes Cause Infertility In Men And Women

Facts About How Can Diabetes Cause Infertility In Men And Women Scientists have discovered that there is connection between diabetes and male infertility. With this discovery diabetic patients should be highly careful about keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

This is because as per the available studies rising levels of blood sugar levels or diabetes may lead to higher chances of infertility in men. In one of the tests performed on diabetic men it was reveled that there was approximately 60 percent of DNA fragmentation in diabetic men than healthy men. Thus, the surge in infertility can surely be dedicated to the rising levels of diabetes patients all over the world.

It is also important to note that findings also suggest that males having metabolic disorder or insulin resistance or those who have obesity related issues also have higher chances of developing diabetes and thus they should be careful from the initial stage itself to avoid the diabetes related complications. Many people who may not exactly belong to the diabetes classification, but they may have high risk of diabetes in future and such a state is known as prediabetes. Findings suggest that men belonging to the category of prediabetes are also at a moderate risk of infertility.

As per the studies conducted by one of the leading scientist’s team at Queen’s University, Belfast, it was found that as compared to healthy men the DNA breaking of the sperm cells was higher in diabetics than those who were nondiabetics. In diabetic men this breaking rate was 52 percent where as in nondiabetics this rate was 32 percent.

It is still not found that how come diabetes lead to breaking of DNA in the sperms. But this is really an alarm or a warning which people should consider very seriously. It is important to make lifestyle modifications that would help in staying fit and healthy. Reducing dependence on fast foods, high salt, high sugar, processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle are the main factors that would lead to problems relating to obesity, metabolism as well as sugar levels. Thus it is suggested that since this is a warning, steps should be taken to adopt a healthy lifestyle for ensuring a happy and healthy life.

Facts About How Can Diabetes Cause Infertility In Men And Women

However, contradicting the above explained study, some scientists says that diabetes may not be the only reason which would have led to fragmentation of DNA in sperms, there may be incidence of other factors as well like smoking habit or bad food habits. If that is so, diabetics may get some point to relax. The study about the connection of diabetes and infertility in men is still under the developing stage and thus exact findings are not revealed. But whatever study is available on this subject, it is really helpful in establishing a holistic approach towards good health.

Diabetes Connection with Infertlity In Women

In one of the researches done on diabetic women it was seen that diabetic females which stayed infertile could conceive after they started blood sugar control medications. This establishes some considerable link between high blood sugar and infertility in women. The reason why diabetes affects fertility in women is mainly because, the blood flow towards uterus is meager and also the egg release process is quite slow.

Thus, it is seen that diabetic women may either have fertliity problems or may have persistent miscarriages. Thus, diabetic women who are trying to conceive are generally kept on a strict diet along with insulin medications or injections. For females suffering from PCOS, it is said that insulin medications or control in blood sugar levels through sugar less diet will give relief in the condition. PCOS is also a leading cause of infertility in women. Thus women who do not have diabetes but have insulin resistance may also face fertility issues.

With the above discussion on diabetes connection with infertility in men and women, it is clear that both men and women should be careful from the young age itself. They should keep away from fast food culture and lead an active and healthy life. Thriving on organic foods, having nutritious diet, consuming ample of water and having daily moderate levels of physical work outs will ensure a life sans obesity. Thus there will be ray of hope to lay the healthy foundation for the new generation to enter into the world.