Facts About Diabetes That You Should Know

Facts About Diabetes

Facts About Diabetes For no reason is diabetes infamously referred to as the silent killer. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles diabetes is gaining more prominence in our society. It is a plague that has to be curbed.

However, in order to prevent it, it is important that we understand the seriousness attached to it. In this article there are some relevant facts about diabetes that people should know of in order to understand and deal with this disease better.

Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes is More Prevalent in the Low and Middle Income Groups of the Society

According to studies conducted, families from the middle and low income groups are prone to suffer from diabetes. India is most affected by diabetes and not only middle income families but high income families are falling victims to this deadly disease.

Diabetes can be Prevented with Proper Health Care

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that can be prevented with a drastic change in one’s lifestyle with regard to food and physical activity. People who have a family history of diabetic people should take better care of their eating habits and should be physically active. Walking is one of the best exercises to keep diabetes away. People who are obese should walk for at least half an hour everyday to help keep diabetes at way. Keep a positive outlook towards this disease to deal better with it.

There is an Alarming Rise in Juvenile Diabetes

What is most shocking about the recent spurt in diabetes is that kids as young as 15 are falling victims to type 1 diabetes which is a threat to their general well being altogether.

Juvenile Diabetes

Sedentary lifestyle among children is said to be the single largest reason for the increase in juvenile diabetes. Unhealthy snacking habits also largely contribute towards obesity which in turn leads to diabetes.

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In Almost 75% People the World Over, Diabetes Goes Undetected

It may be shocking information, but it is a cruel fact that in most cases diabetes is detected too late. Simply because at its early stages, diabetes does not manifest many symptoms, usually when the glucose level increases to unprecedented levels is it detected. Thus for awareness regarding this deadly disease people who have a history of diabetes in their family or are prone to weight gain must go for regular checkups to ensure that their blood sugar levels are normal.

Prevent Diabetes with a Healthy Lifestyle

The best you can do to prevent the onslaught of this silent killer is by taking enormous care of your physical health especially when you are over 30. Doctors and health experts are unanimous in their opinion when they say that exercising is the best way to keep diabetes away. Walk short distances, join a sports group so that you remain physically active, cycle or swim to keep your body alert and healthy.

What you eat is also very important. If you have a family history of diabetes then you must be extra careful about your diet. Avoid sweets as much as you can. Eat more of green vegetables and less of meat and poultry. Milk products should also be limited. Drink lots of water as well.