4 Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

Parents today are going to great lengths in planning an amazing first birthday for their new born.These parties are now-a-days as extravagant as weddings but the only thing missing is the actual birthday kid enjoying the party to the fullest as they are too young to even understand what the whole fuss is all about.

Birthday Parties Ideas

Kids start understanding, enjoying and anticipating their birthday parties only during their toddler (2-4) years. This is when the parents need to start taking into account what the kid actually needs and wants for his birthday. The birthday parties during these years need a lot of planning from the parents’ end as they try to strike a balance between the wishes of their kids and their own budget constraints.

Toddlers Birthday Parties Ideas

Themed Parties

Birthday parties set on a theme are best when you have an ample budget to spare. The theme is usually your kid’s favorite cartoon or fairytale. The invite, décor, cake, food and the return gifts follow the theme and you can also have the kids come dressed following the theme.It is always better to employ an event manager if you are planning a theme based birthday party as they are more upto date on the latest trends and themes.

Themed Parties

Parties At Amusement Parks Or Gaming Zones

For such parties you can invite just your kid’s friends and insist that they be accompanied by a single parent. Select such parks or gaming zones that have activities and games suitable for toddlers like trampolines, plastic slides, see-saw etc. In such parties, care needs to be taken that the space chosen is small enough to contain and look after the enthusiastic toddlers.

Parties At Amusement Parks Or Gaming Zones

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Simple Parties At Home

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of outdoor parties, simple but elegant and fun parties at home are a great idea. When you are planning a party at home, make sure you decorate your home pretty enough to attract the toddlers so that your kid does not feel that his party is boring. Include your kid in decorating the house and make sure there are a lot of balloons for the kids to play with.

Try and arrange some simple games to keep the kids engaged and interested. Foods like cupcakes can be made interactive wherein you can let the kids put in their own icing on their cupcakes and decorate them as they like.

Simple Parties At Home

For The Charitable Lot

If you do not want your kids to fall into the trap of lavish parties and celebrations and would rather they spend the day helping someone, you could always plan a party at an orphanage or an old age home. Get them to interact with the inmates of the place and make them distribute some gifts among the inmates.

Let your whole family have lunch or dinner with them. Try to make the party as normal as possible so that the kid would not feel that he is missing a nice party. Decorate the place, get a cake and buy return gifts just as you would with a normal birthday party.

The Charitable Lot