Extraordinary Latest Hairstyles For Women

Latest Hairstyles For Women Change is something which shakes you out of your comfort zone and makes your life thrilling. Sometimes the change need not be big, little things can bring back the spice in your life. 

Changing your hairstyle is one such thing which fills your life with some excitement. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from which can make you look like a million bucks!

After all looking good and feeling good about oneself is one of the few things which can give you a tremendous high.

Latest Hairstyles For Women

The Duchess Hairstyle

To get the look of a duchess get some fringes in the front by chopping the hair in sharp angles and leaving the rest of the hair’s length till your shoulders. The loose hair at the bottom can be chopped into layers too to add to the overall look. Curl the hair to get that classy and elegant look. You can curl your hair using the rollers, Part your hair in sections and curl it up till the roots and leave it for some time. Take it out and run your fingers through it to give volume to your hair.

A hair spray can be used to keep the curls intact and to control frizzy hair. Soft curls with plenty of bounce will soften your features and give you the imperial look of a princess. To add to your ethereal beauty, color your hair in tones of chocolate or auburn. This look will make you feel like you are wearing an imaginary crown.

Cupped Bob

hairstyles for women

Going even further with your royal look you can try the look of the’ Queen’ herself by wearing your hair up ,which gives the look of a cup which appears to be turned upside down, the edges are left loose and can be curled up.

Short And Funky Hairstyles

There are a lot many hairstyles you can try with long and luscious hair but short hair can also have its share of quirkiness and fun. There are a lot of looks that you can experiment with. Whether it’s the spikes or gelled back and neatly combed hair, short hair can add that spunk and attitude to your look and make you feel like an intrepid and adventurous nomad defying all conventions. Here are some  of the daring haircuts that you can try.

The Mischievous Elf Look

This adorable haircut is very short and super smart. This elfin crop will make you look youthful and you would be raring to go all the the time!

Short Fringed crop

haircuts for women

Super sexy bob cut, perfect for those who want to flaunt their beautiful neck and shapely shoulders.

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Platinum Crop

This haircut can be best described as androgyny at its best. Sporting this haircut will give you a cut above the rest and you can easily be branded as being a total trend-setter. The hair is very short at the neck but is long and layered in the front. Many Hollywood celebrities sport this bold look including the evergreen pop diva Madonna who always creates a stir with her haircuts and style.

 Pixie With Spikes

Pixie cut was popularized by the legendary and classic beauty Audrey Hepburn who wore this kind of hair for her role of a bubbly and free spirited woman in her first movie Roman holiday. Pixie haircut is something which symbolizes the indomitable spirit and unbridled liberation of modern women.

Halley berry is known to have revived the trend of pixie cut, giving it a new dimension by adding the gelled spikes to upgrade this chic look. Try these haircuts and show the world that you can dare to be different!