Exciting New Recipes For Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

If you are bored of serving the same old and oh-so-passé alcoholic drinks to your guests, I have something special for you today! Mix and shake your way into a whole new bunch of exciting recipes and give your glass of that boring alcohol, a grand twist.

Spike That Egg Nog

Spike That Egg Nog Since its Yuletide, this spiked egg nog will do wonders to your taste buds and you can prepare this wonderful drink for any party this season.

You Will Need

Eggs (12 whole), heavy whipped cream ( 3 pints), ground sugar (1 cup), nutmeg (1 teaspoon), bourbon whisky (1 cup), cognac (1 cups) and salt (1 teaspoon).


Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Take the egg yolks and using an electric beater, beat it along with the sugar till frothy and creamy. Now, keep the speed of the beater at a low level and pour in the cognac and the whisky. Put in a fridge and allow it to chill for several hours. Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks. Avoid over beating. Now beat the egg whites and the salt together. Fold in the whipped cream with the chilled yolk mixture and add the egg white mixture. Chill again. Before serving sprinkle grated nutmeg on the top.

Lovely Lust

Lovely Lust This wonderfully new drink is all fruity and perfect for a party.

You Will Need

Dark rum (60 ml), Banana syrup (10 ml), pineapple juice (60 ml), cranberry juice (60 ml), lime cordial (15 ml) and a lemon rind and a pineapple ring for garnish.


Put all the ingredients except the dark rum in a Boston Shaker. Add ice cubes and then shake well for at least 30 seconds. Strain the concoction into a Collins glass and top with the rum. Garnish with the pineapple ring and the lemon rind. You can also use a small paper umbrella to dress up the glass before serving.

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Twice The Kick

Twice The Kick Twice the Kick is another fruity alcoholic blend which will make your celebration all the more special.

You Will Need

Vodka (60 ml), Pineapple crush (1 tablespoon), Strawberry crush (1 tablespoon), Lime juice (15 ml), Sugar syrup (10 ml), cherry and ground white sugar for garnish.


Take a Margarita glass and rim the edges with powdered white sugar. Blend only 30 ml of the vodka with pineapple crush, half of the lime juice, sugar syrup and some crushed ice. In another glass blend the leftover 30 ml vodka with the strawberry crush, lime juice, sugar syrup and crushed ice. Pour both the blends together in a Margarita glass and serve with a cherry.

Spicy Daisy

Spicy Daisy  If you love spices this alcoholic drink will definitely become your favorite one!

You Will Need

Gold tequila (60 ml), Sugar syrup (10 ml), lemon juice (10 ml), soda (30 ml0, mixed spices (rock salt, chaat masala, red chili powder), coriander leaves (4-5), salt, lemon ring and lemon slice for garnish.


Use an old-fashioned glass and rim the edges with salt. Put all the ingredients, except soda in a Boston shaker, add ice-cubes and shake well. Top with some soda and garnish the glass with the lemon slice and the lemon rind before serving.