Excellent Tips On How To Flirt

How To Flirt

Alright! So there’s this guy you have been dying to get close to for some time now. You see him almost every other day, and every time you do see him, your heart skips a beat. But when it comes to talking to him or trying to send the right signals across, you get tongue tied and fumble up completely. And before you know it, some other girl manages to cross you and become his arm candy!

How To Flirt

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Sadly, this is the plight of many women out there who are either too shy to reveal their feelings for someone or are not aware of how to take things forward with a person they are interested in. If you are one of those individuals, here are a few tips to help you on the flirting front!

Excellent Tips On How To Flirt

Get Away From The Crowd

Most if not all men out there would think twice about approaching a girl in a group. So if you are with a group of friends when you happen to spot him, shy away from the crowd and try to get a small space for yourself in the area.

Once you manage to get away from your group, look at him and maintain eye contact for about a few seconds before turning away. This would give off the signal that you want to speak to him alone. Another look in his direction would cement the fact and he would be walking towards you in no time at all.

Posture Considerations

No one is going to come near you if you appear slouched and apprehensive. In order to send out the right signals to your secret man, you need to project an aura of confidence around you. Instead of slouching, stand straight with your shoulders arched backwards.

How To Flirt

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If you are seated, don’t slouch on the chair. Rather sit straight and keep your legs crossed. Don’t cross your hands or keep them clasped. If you find him heading towards you, stop feeling nervous. Take in a deep breath of air, exhale slowly and dish out a perfect smile to welcome him.

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The Smile Matters

They say you can say a thousand words with your eyes. But that doesn’t mean the rest of your face needs to look cold and distant. One of the most important points about flirting is getting a million dollar smile and maintaining it when you are with him.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we want you to keep that smile on your face at all times. Rather, keep it simple and smart. Remember, a slight turn of the head, a coy and yet subdued look and a nearly invisible smile. That’s all it takes for him to approach you and remain glued to you the entire night.

Never Make the First Move

Of course some guys like girls who are smart and confident. But not many men prefer girls to approach them and ask for a date, especially if they happen to be with a group of friends.

So forget about trying to appear confident by making the first move. There would be plenty of other opportunities for that. For the first meeting, it is always best if he approaches you.

How To Flirt

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So hang in there and make all the above mentioned moves to capture his attention. Once he notices you, make sure his attention doesn’t wander. If you manage to do that, trust us, you would find yourself on a date with your dream man in no time at all.