Essentials Checklist For Newborn Baby

Now that delivery is just weeks away, it’s absolutely necessary for would-be moms to not only run through their new baby check-list but also buy all the essentials. It is important to however not go overboard while buying for baby no matter how strong the temptation.

Do remember that a baby’s birth brings forth tonnes of hand me downs from friends who already have babies and gifts from well meaning relatives. Plus paternal and maternal grandmas love to go shopping for the new grandchild so it is prudent to exercise restraint and shop for only what is absolutely necessary. Here is a must-have check list for a new born baby

Hand Me Down Clothes/Clothes

Graciously accept any hand me downs for new borns. They are not only easy on the pocket but also tender on your new born’s skin. Buy 3-10 onesies which are easy to tie up at the back or have buttons down in the front. 4-5 rompers are good if baby is to be taken out. You may also stock up on a couple of stretchies with attached booties. New borns look absolutely adorable and comfortable in them.

Add a couple of two piece outfits or frocks if essential although their use is restricted. If the weather is cool do buy adequate mittens, caps/hats and booties. A couple of sweaters should keep baby warm. Buy at least 20-30 nappies if you don’t plan to get your baby into diapers right away. Bibs are essential to avoid milk spills.


Having adequate linen for baby is a must.

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These include 4-5 receiving blankets, fitted sheets for cot and pram, waterproof or rubber sheets, 2 blankets, 3 soft baby towels. 6 small hand towels should do the trick.

Grooming Kit

This includes a baby soap which is mild on his skin for his daily baths. The first few days though it is better to not bathe baby as he is still getting used to the temperature. A no-tears baby shampoo will keep his fuzz clean and sweet smelling. Do invest in a comb which baby will be needing later. Safety pins are needed to secure the nappies. A baby powder, lotion and oil will keep baby moisturized and sweet smelling. Keep some cotton wool ready to clean up his poop and some baby wipes to wipe off the drool. Baby nail clippers are a must have as baby’s nails grow at a phenomenal pace.

Medicine Kit

One of the most important must haves in case of medical emergencies is a well stocked medicine kit which should contain liquid aspirin, nasal drops, calpol, ointment for cuts, bandages and band aids, medicine for diarrhea, sunscreen, calamine lotion and dettol. There should be a dropper, a thermometer and a humidifier for irritating colds.

Baby Feeding Supplies

Do keep at least 4-5 feeding bottles of different calibrations and a breast pump. You should also invest in a pram and a carry cot for the baby’s outings and a few toys like rattles and musical toys for much needed entertainment. With these bare essentials you will be fully equipped to welcome your new born.