5 Essential Makeover Tips For Everyday Clothes

Don’t feel like looking at yourself in the mirror of late? Find yourself to be slipping into a monotonous fashion style that does nothing to enhance your looks and persona?

Tips For Everyday Clothes

Then here are some vital tips on fashion sense and makeup that would help you get that dream makeover overnight!

Identify the Curves in your Body

One of the biggest fashion mistakes committed by many women today is mistaking their body size and frames; and opting for dresses that either don’t fit them at all or project their bodies in very bad light.

Learning to identify your prime assets is important. However, you would also need to identify the not so pleasant areas in your body that need to be camouflaged at all costs in order to avoid unwanted attention to these areas. And the only way to do that is to recognizing the basic curves present in your body and change your fashion sense accordingly.

the Curves in your Body

Identifying the Hour Glass Figure

Of course, the coveted hour glass figure is very hard to achieve, and only a very few women are blessed with this body shape naturally. If you are one of those individuals blessed with a gorgeous hour glass figure, then you have the right to know that almost any kind of dress would work well for you.

You don’t need to worry about faux passes, wardrobe malfunctions or fashion disasters. So experiment all you want with dresses you have never tried on before until you zero in on the one that complements you best.

the Hour Glass Figure

Identifying the Apple Shape

If you are blessed with an apple shaped body which essentially means that your shoulders are pretty broad and your torso is quite short.

The apple shaped body would not look flattering in layered chiffon tops with V-necks that tend to give off the impression of a longer upper body. An individual with an apple shaped body would also look well if he/she chooses to wear tops or dresses with Bohemian sleeves. You can also opt for wide cut jeans and trousers that are tailored to match your body shape.

the Apple Shape

What to Avoid

The worst way to flaunt an already full body is to squeeze it into a figure hugging dress that would make your body stand out unflatteringly in several places. Stay away from tight fitted jeans, trousers, or skirts, and knitted clothes.

Identifying the Pear Shape

Have extremely wide hips? Then you should understand the importance of distracting unwanted attention from them. And this you can do by opting for wrap dresses, long tops, A-line skirts, wide legged pants or tailor made straight pants; all of which would make your hips look narrow and petite.

the Pear Shape

What to Avoid

Stay away from dresses that seem to widen up below the waist. And so clothes like figure hugging pants, coats and any other ensemble with side pockets are strict ‘no-no’s.

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Identifying the Banana Shape

Of course, like the hour glass, the banana shaped body would looks awesome in almost any kind of dress. But then again, you need to make sure you get the style right in order to flaunt those seemingly invisible curves.

So opt for chiffon and balloon dresses that help to show your curves in a subtle, feminine way. Shorts and slim trousers would look quite flattering on your legs. And if you team them up with a monochromatic look (possibly with a little vertical piping effect in between), you would no doubt look downright gorgeous.

Go for dresses with pleats and gathers; and opt for pointy shoes beneath those slim trousers to give off a neat, polished and extremely stylish look.

the Banana Shape