Essential Dating Tips For Women

dating tips for women

dating tips for women A fair number of online dating sites are overflowing with dating advice for men. The onus is definitely on the man to approach the woman for a date with finesse. However, many men are quick to complain that their dates were a turn off or that the woman did not conduct herself with grace and dignity. Dating should always be fun with a fair amount of responsible behaviour from both ends.

It is fairly common for women to commit dating hara-kiri but is also easy to prevent the common pitfalls by following some of these tips. Here are some crucial and essential dating tips for women.

Dating Tips For Women

Always Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is very critical especially if you are out on a first date. It shows that you are interested in your date. On the contrary, women with shifty eyes come across as unreliable. If you are scanning everything else but your partner, it shows that you are plain bored or are not interested in your date. Give your date your full attention. He should feel like he is the only person in the room.

Dress Well

It is very important to dress well on a date. Dressing well does not mean that you wear something over the top or flamboyant. A subtle sexiness and elegance is very appealing to most men. Wear something that you are comfortable in without it being too revealing. A subtle hint of a cleavage is very sexy. Highlight it by wearing a low-neck line, well fitted shirt and pair it with a skirt or figure hugging trousers.

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The golden rule of being sexy is to leave something to the person’s imagination. If you are showing cleavage, hide everything else. A great pair of legs can be shown off in a short skirt and a simple t-shirt. Keep make up minimal by using just a touch of lipstick and a swipe of mascara on your eyelashes. Most men appreciate natural beauty.

Be Courteous And Give Compliments

Compliments should not be confused for flattery. You do not have to fawn over your date. That will only make you look desperate and trying too hard to please. However, do compliment your date if he is wearing a smart shirt or has a stylish new haircut. Every man loves a compliment or two from his date. Be courteous and smile a lot.

Do not start too soon by airing negative opinions about people and the world in general. This will make you come across as a pessimist and a negative person.

Be on Time

Yes, this also applies to a woman. While some women think it is fashionable to be late, keeping your date waiting for you for more than an hour will give him the impression that you do not value him or his time. It is ok to be late by five or ten minutes.

If you are running later than that for some unforeseen reason, do apprise your date of the delay and make it a point to apologize. You could be delayed due to a traffic jam and people do understand. However, you must have the courtesy to keep your date informed.

Do not Lavish Your Date with Expensive Gifts

Giving someone your time and attention has infinitely more importance than an extravagant or flashy gift. Besides, a first date is way too early to shower gifts on someone. If you have known your date for long and are very comfortable with him, a small token gift is allowed. Being nice and showering someone with kindness and affection is more important.

Do not be Rude or Arrogant

Some people get mighty thrills by being pompous or rude to the waiters in the vicinity. This is an instant put off and you come across as someone who lacks humility. Always be polite to staff especially if you are dining out in a restaurant. Never argue on the tip and always thank the staff for their service.

Be a Good Listener

Show genuine interest in what your date has to say. This can be demonstrated by being a good listener. Ask your date questions about his hobbies, likes, dislikes, career and listen with active interest.

Essential Dating Tips For Women

A good listener scores much higher than a glib talker does. Develop and work on the art of listening. At the same time, ask intelligent questions and talk intelligently. Being able to talk on a multitude of subjects gives an indication that you are well read and can converse well.

Never use Bad Language

Using bad language and cuss words will instantly turn off your date. As a woman, you are always expected to conduct yourself with decorum and dignity. Swearing is particularly out of character especially for a woman. Also swearing at your date shows a genuine lack of respect.

Never Talk about Your Exes

Talking about your exes especially in the first few meetings is incorrect. It is also rude to ask your date about his exes. Your date may think you are nosy and intrusive. Moreover, no man wants to know about your previous boyfriends or how he compares with them.

Do not Make your Dislike Apparent

There may be a chance that you do not like your date or find them boring. Treat them with respect nevertheless. You can still have a good time with someone even if you do not like them. Do not make your dislike obvious or treat them rudely. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

Do not Insist on Picking up The Tab

If your man is a thorough gentleman, he will always want to pick up the tab. You can offer to pay the tab after the first few dates but do not press on it too much especially if your man is uncomfortable. For men this becomes a matter of self-pride and very few men will allow their date to pay.

Get a Sense of Humour

A sense of humour and wit is greatly appreciated by most men in a woman. Be quick on your repartees and enjoy a few laughs with your date. Your date will appreciate you even more for it.