Enticing Cherry – Blueberry Pie Recipe

Cherry –Blueberry Pie Recipe

Cherry –Blueberry Pie Recipe There is no other heart warming dessert than a warm, juicy cherry and blueberry pie. These are extremely easy to make, and should be made when you get fresh cherries and blueberries in the market. Your mouth waters, when you get the aroma of the delicious pie baking in the oven. 

This recipe will make your taste buds, want for more and more, the best thing about this recipe is that, if you have a party coming up you can make the pie well in advance. Bake it and then store in an air-tight container and freeze it. Bake it in the oven for a few minutes, before you serve, the pie can be kept in the freezer up to a month.

Serves – 4 people
Time For preparation – 30 minutes
Cooking Time – 45 minutes

Required Appliances

Baking dish -1
Hand blender – 1
Mixing bowl – 1
Rolling pin – 1

Ingredients – For The Pastry

All purpose flour – 250 gm
Salt – a pinch
Butter – 150 g
Cold water – 5 tsp


Take a mixing bowl, sift the all-purpose flour and salt together, to this add the butter and rub it with the fingers, ensuring that the mixture in the bowl is similar to that of fine breadcrumbs. Pour the cold water little by little into the flour mix and mix with your hands, the consistency should be reached, wherein it is suitable to roll the flour mix with a rolling pin.

Take the dough and divide into two halves, one that acts as the base and lay this on the bottom of the baking tray, line this well against all the groves of the tray. The other half will be the top most layers, with the filling below it. If there is little leftover pastry, cut out some shapes with a cookie cutter such as a leaf, and this can be used as decoration on the top of the pastry.

Blind bake the lowest layer of the pastry for 5 minutes @ 180 degree Celsius, till it slightly starts changing the colour and remove it from the oven.

Cherry & Blueberry Filling


Soft cheese – 200 gm
Condensed milk – 200gm
Vanilla extract – 1tsp
Egg -1
Lemon zest – 1, grated
Blueberry – 75g
Cherry – 75g


Take a large mixing bowl, add the soft cheese into it and blend it with a hand blender till it is soft and luscious. Then into the bowl add the condense milk, egg, vanilla extract and the lemon zest and whip all this on a low speed for a minute, with all the ingredients are well – mixed.

Pour the filling in to the pre-baked pastry and religiously sprinkle the cherry and blueberries. Cover the top layer of the pastry over the blueberry and cherry mix and ensure that there is little gap between the two layers. Place the leaf cut outs, on the, pastry and brush it, lightly with little milk in order, to give the pie a lovely brown colour.

Poke a few holes on the pastry with a tooth –pick. Bake it for 40 minutes, until it is nice and golden brown. Serve it warm with a dollop of fresh cream. Make this delectable cherry-blueberry pie and let this steal the limelight for the party, you would soon be titled a”desert queen”

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