Refreshing American Beauty Mixed Drink

american beauty drink

american beauty drink Planning to make a refreshing drink? Confused about what to make and how to make it? What about a cocktail? Worry not; here we are with a solution for you.

You will get each and every detail about how to make your favorite drink. The American beauty mixed drink is a type of cocktail which will serve you right. A cocktail is a mixture of two or more alcoholic drinks and out of them one must be a spirit. Being a mixture of different hard drinks, the American Beauty Mixed Drink is the best way to cool and refresh your inner soul. It is considered to be an excellent potion which makes you bold and stout at heart and soothes your inner body as well.

The American beauty drink is a mixture of different flavors varying from minty to bitter and has a sweet taste as well.

Bits Required to Make the American beauty

All you need to make the American beauty happening is some brandy some vermouth, grenadine, creme de menthe and finally some orange juice.

For the decoration purpose use a fine cocktail glass and some orange flakes. To add the chill to your cocktail don’t forget to add ice cube.

Brandy, also known as Burnt wine is actually a spirit produced by distilling wine.

Vermouth contains grape wine as its base. It is a wine flavored with dry ingredients consisting of aromatic herbs, roots and barks.

Grenadine is used not only for its flavor but also to give the cocktail a tinge of red and pink. It is actually syrup produced from pomegranate.

Creme de menthe is sweet and has a minty flavor derived from Corsican mint and is added to cocktails to give it a minty touch.

Before making a perfect cocktail we must make sure that every individual drink is of a branded and a good company. The more that the drinks are old; it will make your cocktail even better.

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Take One Step at a Time

The steps for making your drink are pretty easy. All you need to do is take a mixing glass with some ice in it and go on adding the ingredients one after the other as stated below.

Firstly add 21 grams of Brandy followed by the same amount of vermouth. Then you are required to add 14 grams of grenadine, which will add to the flavor of the cocktail and will serve the purpose of giving a red tinge to it also.

Next, add again 21 grams of orange juice. Last but not the least; add creme de menthe to give that minty touch to your drink.

Shake well the whole mixture in a cocktail shaker and strain it before serving it.

For the extra decoration add the orange flakes cut in a spiral manner from top of the serving glass. Make sure that you don’t add the individual drinks in more than the above mentioned quantity or that may lead to serious health injury.

So enjoy your refreshing drink and stay healthy.