Enhance Your Beauty With Different Types Of Hair Clips

Hair accessories for women are varied. There are different types of hair accessories and each different type of accessory can be used for various different occasions, with various types of clothes and din various seasons. Hair clips are a type of hair accessories which are used for decorating the hair by women. There are different varieties of hair clips, in different colors and of different material.

Hair Clips

There are different ways in which you can wear hair clips and the kind of way that you wear those makes a lot of difference in the way you look. Hair clips can make your hair look beautiful. Hair clips are often also used for styling your hair in diverse ways such as wavy, curly, and straight and so on. There are also various shapes, sizes forms of hair clips.

Hair clips are the most common kind of hair accessory. The various kinds of hair clips include clamps, plastic clips, metallic clips, comb clips, ponytail holders and so on. While some hair clips are used for gathering and holding the hair together, especially when you have thick hair; others are used to hold few strand of hair to keep them falling over the eyes or just a way of styling your hair.

Certain kinds of hair clips are also very expensive. These clips are used for special occasions, formal occasions and so on. Other hair clips are regular and inexpensive and can be used for daily use.

Different Types of Hair Clips

kinds of hair clip

One of the most popular kinds of hair clips are barrette clips. Barrette clips are similar to brooches. Barrette clips are either made of molded plastic or a thin strip of metal. These lips are used to hold your hair in place. However, at times, barrette clips are also worn as a decorative ornament. Small and colorful barrettes are also worn by little children.

A variation of the regular type of barrette is the French barrette. These clips are known as ‘auto locks’. The French barrette is bigger than a regular barrette clip with a metal bar and tension design so that your hair is firmly held in place. These clips squeeze your hair to lock it in place and hence the name ‘auto lock.’ Some French barrettes are decorated with silk flowers of feathers for a more dressy and sophisticated look.

Another popular type of hair clips is the Alligator clip. These clips are also known as Gator clips. These clips are called alligator clips because of their design. Alligator clips come with a spring in between and they grip the hair tightly which is comparable to that of the mouth of an alligator.

Alligator clips

Alligator clips are sometimes also worn as ornaments to adorn the hair. These clips are also preferred by hair stylists because they help to keep the hair in place while the styling is being done. The top portions of alligator clips are often decorated with beads, fabrics or crystals.

The snap clips are another type of hair clip. Snaps are metal clips which are tapered and oblong in shape. They need to be snapped backwards when they are opened and snapped close when they hold the hair. This is why snap clips are named thus. Snap clips lie flat against your head when they are closed and they are also used to hold the hair tightly in place like Alligator clips. These clips can be used for all hair types.

Another kind of hair clip is the Condor clip. These are elongated clips similar to the shape of Alligator clips. These clips have a pointed end and a rounded top portion. The condor clips are mostly used to hold in place buns and are mostly used for formal purposes.

Condor clip

Avery common type of hair clip is the metal clip which is small and holds strands of hair in place and not the entire hair. These metal hair clips are mostly used by hair stylists for cutting or styling hair. A special kind of hair clips are bridal clips. Bridal clips are used to accessorize hair by brides who style their hair with up-dos. Bridal hair clips come decorated with pearls, rhinestones, cubic zirconium, or even at times diamonds.

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A different variety of hair clips are hair extension clips. These are made from synthetic human hair which are attached together to five the impression of longer and thicker hair. These are considered to be very useful and yet simple method to make the hair look longer and add volume to it. Hair extension clips are primarily used for special occasions.

Different Hair Styles With Hair Clips

One very useful and common variety of hair clips is the Jaw clip. These hair clips are known as clutches, butterfly clips or claws. This is because of the claw like shapes of the clips. Jaw clips come in various sizes and can be used accordingly for shorter or longer hair. Jaw clips are shaped like two bent combs with a spring in between that clasps to hold the hair in place.

These clips can be used for several different kinds of hair dos such as the elegant up do, in which hair is bundled up with the hair clips. The elegant up do lets you leave out a few strands of hair to frame your face or leave your hair curled into a lose bun, or simply gathered together in a carefree fashion.

Another style is the professional look which is quick and easy to prepare. The professional look with hair clips involves making a chignon or a low bun or even leaving the hair half down for a semi formal look. A more free and casual style is the youthful look in which the hair is left mostly free or gathered gently with loose strands left flowing. It is also part of the Bohemian look. Hair clips serve many different purposes both in terms of tying the hair as well as for a fashion statement.

Jaw clips