Enchanting Flower Garden Ideas

Enchanting Flower Garden Ideas

Enchanting Flower Garden Ideas A beautiful flower garden is a place where you can relax and rewind while inhaling the sweet fragrance of different types of flowers. This is a place where you can take a stroll while admiring the colourful beauty of the flowers.

Garden designing needs a lot of planning and precision to create the garden of your dreams. Flower garden designing does not mean that you just plant flowers hap hazardly any where you want in your garden.

A flower garden should have different types flowering trees, shrubs, bulbous flowers, annuals and perennials. The flowers should be planted in such a way that they should provide a constant stream of colours. The garden should form a uniformed look as if everything is a part of each other.

Enchanting Flower Garden Ideas

Planning The Flower Beds

Flower beds can be shaped in squares, rectangles or circles. To decide the shape of flower beds in your flower garden you must determine the size and shape of your garden. You can make terraced flower beds if you have a small area. It will make your garden look bigger and will add depth to the flower garden. You will also be able to plant more flowers.

While planting flowers on steps you should keep in mind the height of the plant and put tall plants at the back followed by medium height plants and then the dwarf variety. Maintain ample distance between the plants and avoid a cramped look.

The flower beds can be shaped along the stone path in the garden with boxwood hedge forming the border of flower beds.

Planning Colour Combinations Of Flowers

Creating striking colour combinations between different types of flowers can make your garden look enchanting and attractive. You should plant flowers of various colours at alternate height so that each row is visible at a glance.

You can plant hydrangeas, day lilies, Easter lilies or arum lilies in patches to maintain consistency in the garden.

Planting Perennials

Perennials are ornamental plants that stay in your flower garden for a long time. While planning a perennial flower garden choose shrubs and trees that flower at different times of the year so that you can have flowers in your garden all through the year.

Planting Annuals

Annuals are seasonal flowers that die after one bloom and have to be planted again in the next season. Annual flower garden gives you an opportunity to change the appearance of your garden in every season by trying a new colour scheme and planting different flowers each time. Plant flowers according to their need for sun and shade to help them thrive.

If you have the space you can cultivate your own nursery for growing the saplings, otherwise you can buy the saplings from a commercial outlet. Do not buy very small plants but go for healthier and slightly bigger flower plants.

Planting Bulbous Plants

Bulbous plants like gladiolas, tulips, tube roses, Easter lilies, narcissus etc. can be permanently planted in your flower garden. They bloom at different times of the year and keep your garden colourful and live.

Keep your flower garden well maintained with regular watering, weeding, mulching and pinching out extra growth and stale flowers and foliage. This will help to create a colourful beauty in your flower garden all through the year.

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