Eight Hot Favorite YouTube Tutorials For Makeup

Make up is a craft and not an art. This craft needs to be perfected with practice. If you love makeup and would love to have a few tricks up your sleeve, simply watch some video tutorials!


Considering the flood of makeup videos, uploaded on YouTube, you might get confused. Let me just help you by streamlining the best tutorials for makeup, which have been extracted from YouTube. These are not just cool, but supposedly the hot favorite with the makeup artists as well.

YouTube Tutorials Makeup Ideas

How to Cover Acne with foundation-by Jessica Harlow

This tutorial deals with the very basics of hiding unsightly acne and blemishes. It’s a step by step guide to get a flawless complexion in minutes. She discusses the right kind of products for pimple prone skin, apt for concealing the acne.

Cover Acne with foundation-by Jessica Harlow

Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial

This is a must watch for all those makeup artists or women, who love doing their eyes with liners. A video production by Letzmakeup.com, the video shows how to master the art of applying liquid eyeliner for creating that cat eye look.

Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial

How to Apply False Eyelashes

This is a helpful tutorial in the form of a 6 minute video, discussing the basics of sticking false eyelashes. False eyelashes are a makeup artist’s life saver. They make the eyes look big and beautiful. The video shows how to apply the false ones, so as to make the lashes natural.


Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Smoky eyes have been a hot favorite with makeup artists. The video shows an elaborate makeup to get those charcoal eyes in a glamorous, Kim Kardashian way! The video talks of achieving the sooty look in no less than 12 minutes!

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup Tutorial

How to: The Perfect Red Lip Tutorial

Red lipstick spells hotness and ultra glam. Makeup artists love to choose this color for formal events. If you too swear by the color, then watch the video. This video talks the step by step procedure of getting those kissable red hot lips, along with a perfect pout!

The Perfect Red Lip Tutorial

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How to: Contour and Highlight your Face

Contouring a face through makeup is perhaps a quite daunting task. Try and get some cues from this video, which talks about professional contouring and highlighting your face, with the right kind of products and brushes. It shows the use of bronzer, blusher and highlighter to get the perfectly contoured face.

Contour and Highlight your Face

Fresh and simple Everyday Makeup

This is a video to help all those starters, who have remained shy from the word ‘makeup’. This video makes the entire process of everyday makeup, look absolutely effortless! This video is by missglamorazzi, where she talks about her products to create the everyday natural look..

Fresh and simple Everyday Makeup

How to conceal Dark Circles on any Skin Tone

Concealing dark circles on any skin tone, might sound like a big deal to starters, but the video makes it quite easy. This 12 minutes video is a blessing, as it deals with various tricks to conceal them in a jiffy.

With these videos, you are bound to rock the world looking nothing less than a gorgeous diva! These tutorials are a good reference material for all the upcoming makeup professionals as well.

conceal Dark Circles on any Skin Tone