Effects Of Online Game On Children

Effect of Online Gaming on children

Effect of Online Gaming on children Gaming has always been attractive, sometimes turning into an addiction. With the plethora of games available on the World Wide Web, there is nonstop fun and engagement for children who crave to explore endless opportunities.

Gaming can be good provided it is done the right way; otherwise, it just becomes an irritating chore for you not wanting your child to stick to the screen while your child tries his/her skill for grabbing any possibility of hanging on.

Online gaming is a growing field and extensive research and analysis is awaited. However, coming to a logical conclusion is not that difficult with the basic information and feedback available.

Various Effects Of Online Game On Children

One Side Of The Coin Reveal

The good, which serve as a motivator, evidently comes first.

Light Entertainment And Refreshment

Online games can be a source of refreshment and entertainment to certain extent. Children get bored quite easily, and playing games can provide a shift from the chores.

Online game

This can be an incentive to study (or continue with everyday jobs) and relieve  monotony.   The extended school day can find some respite at the electronic games and elevate their moods for better.

Potential Enhancement Of Motor And Memory Skill

With innovation finding its way into everyday life, the makers of games act smart by producing games which can help children improve their motor and memory skills. The use of joystick (or stylus) can enable effective hand-eye coordination as the short reaction time (of games) demand quick response.

According to the New York University Child Study Center, certain games can improve motor skills when used in moderation. Games which have an educational platform can inculcate reading and academic skills. Analytical and critical thought process can be elevated through certain games.

Even the non-educational games can be beneficial when they aid analytical thinking. Many games require brain skills to be completed successfully. Playing these can promote a lot of thinking and may prove good for the IQ.

Better Language And Reading Skill

It is widely observed that children improve their vocabulary and reading skills by playing games. Although the gaming jargon can be consistent throughout the World Wide Web, children attune to new words and instructions quite effortlessly. The curiosity to play a game is a motivation for learning new words (and skills) proving good more than often.

Better Memory And Response Time

Online games, requiring a lot of memory and interaction of cognitive skills, can create vivid opportunities of learning for children. Games, like those in which children click random keys to get the screen as fast as possible, require precise visual and motor skills.

But The Other Side Of The Coin Reveals

According to the American Psychological Association, there is connection between television, violence and aggression. A typical American child watches 28 hours of television a week.

By the time he/she grows to be an adult, about 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence would have passed his mind in some way. Electronic gaming also poses harmful effects on children, although it would be time to arrive at the exact connection.

Reduced Academics And Studies

Spending too much time on online games means less time for academics and studies. Sidelining school curriculum, which is usually made to benefit children, can be harmful both in the short and long run. Due to decrease in time and concentration, children may fall in grade and academic performance.

Less Outdoor Activities

Children indulging in online games spend less time on outdoor (physical) activities which can be crucial for their bodily growth. Running is an important activity for children’s bone development which should be done outdoors.

Being indoors also reduces the scope of children socializing under different environments. Excessive inactivity by sitting in front of the computer screen can also make children obese and inactive.

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Undesirable Behavioral Change

Violence and aggression can emerge as undesirable outcomes of excessive online gaming. Games which focus on killing and destruction can negatively impact young minds. Boys are more susceptible to reveal aggression and violence compared to girls.

Bad influence can also emerge as addiction to play games. Addiction, in turn, leaves lesser time for interaction with family and friends who can play a crucial role in the growing years of children.

Balance Holds The Key

Technology always presents inherent ills; but keeping yourself isolated from the surrounding world may not be the best choice.  When you know the good and bad aspects of technology, you can implement it to the best favorable outcome.

The next time your child plays Runescape, Plant vs. Zombies or Poptropica, take time to indulge into the game and  decide the limit.