Effective Weight Loss Tips For Obese Individuals

Weight Loss Tips For Obeses Individuals

Weight Loss Tips For Obeses Individuals If you are obese and are desperately trying to get rid of the condition, then you would need to know that getting rid of obesity may seem like fighting a losing battle at first, but would most definitely provide fruitful results in the long run.  All it takes is a little perseverance and plenty of determination to stick to a particular weight loss regime once you have started it.

And we will help you do that by offering some excellent tried and tested tips which have benefited people the world over and changed their lives for the better! So what are you waiting for? Read On!

Come to terms with the possible issues you may face due to obesity

Most of us tend to just ignore/neglect signs of trouble before or when they start occurring. Accordingly, we fail to comprehend the possible difficulties we would face in the future if we prefer to remain the same way as we are now. An attitude that definitely needs reconsideration!

Before starting any form of weight loss regime, you need to first consider the possible risks you could face in the future if you remain the way you are! In case of  obesity, the risks you could possibly face in the long run would include heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, and gall bladder disease.

Take the right decision and stick to it

Once you realise that there are so many issues to deal with in case you remain obese, you would most definitely take the right decision to start losing weight as soon as possible. However, once taken, it is sticking to  the decision that needs a lot of determination. Here are a few tips to help you adhere to your decision, come what may!

Keep blaming yourself for your condition. I know this sounds farcical, but it actually tends to put you on the road to weight reduction pretty quickly. Blaming yourself for your condition would let you realise that only you can change things for the better, thereby prompting you to keep on working towards your goal.

Whenever you feel like giving up, think back to how far you have already come and how you would look in the future if you continue the present routine with dedication.. It also pays to set small, easily achievable goals at first before moving onto larger ones that require more effort and time.

Get Rid of Unwanted Temptations

Once you have decided to start an exercise regime and plan to stick to it no matter what, the next thing you would need to do is rummage around in the cupboards, lockers, refrigerators, and pantries (even under the bed), and throw away all those hidden goodies you love to gorge on.

I know it would be hard to throw them out. But face it! You would never be able to reduce weight if you exercise hard, but still keep on munching on these short eats. Accordingly, you need to get rid of anything and everything that is processed or frozen, including snacks (unhealthy ones) and sweets.

Replace these with healthier alternatives like fruits, veggies, dairy products (the low  fat variety), lean meats, olive oil,fish oil, and nuts. Doing so would enable you to curb sudden temptations to binge, and would force you to eat these foods if you decide to do so anyway.

The importance of a Food & Exercise journal

As you start your weight reduction program, start a food and exercise journal alongwith it. A food journal would help you make note of how much you eat everyday, and would also enable you to keep track of extra calories that might sneak in somehow.

Note down the different foods you consume on a daily basis, including their fat content, calories and fiber content etc. It pays to actually find out the size of each serving of food that you have. This would enable you to keep a check on the total number of servings of food you have on a daily basis.

You can ask a dietician for help or use an online calorie counter to determine your current calorie intake and how much of it you need to reduce in order to reach the desired weight. Check the labels on food that you purchase for factors like calorie content, fat content etc. and refrain from foods that contain high amounts of the same.

An exercise journal is again a notebook that would enable you to keep track of all the exercises that you do in a day. Check online fitness sites or speak with a physical fitness trainer to find out which exercises burn more calories. As and when you have established which exercises you would be able to start with, you can find out the total number of calories you can lose in a day.

Start restricting your food intake

This would be hard to start but needs to be done in order to reduce all thos extra kilos. Start restricting the number of foods you eat on a daily basis. Instead of opting for three large meals a day, opt for smaller sized meals which you can eat at the most 6 times a day.

Opt for lean meat foods like turkey, chicken, of fish etc., and low fat beef. Combine any one of these with an unsaturated fat food like coconuts, avocados, almonds, olive oil etc. and a vegetable/fruit. When you are dieting, make it a point to minimise if not entirely stop alcohol consumption.

Start with slow, steady, easy to perform exercises

As mentioned above, start your fitness regime by opting for exercises that are not that tough to complete. A walk for about 20 -30 minutes every morning, a slow sprint up and down the stairs, a slow jog around the neighborhood or cycling etc.; all on an empty stomach would enable you to lose out on all that extra fat which your body would use as fuel during these sessions.

Work your way up the ladder

You have restricted your eating habits to a minimum, you are strictly following the exercises planned out on day to day basis; and you have started to note positive results already. Great going! This is when you need to increase the bar of performance and opt for a few more higher end exercises like resistance training to burn out more fat. You can also opt for workout sessions like leg presses, dead lifts, bench presses, push ups, pull ups, squats, rows, dips, and lunges. These sessions help you jumpstart your body’s metabolism, making it burn more calories than usual.

Following these sessions at least thrice a week along with the usual exercises would make sure that you get rid of all that extra flab and start looking absolutely fit and healthy at the end of the day!

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