Effective Weight Loss Diets

Weight loss diets

Weight loss diets Who does not like to be complimented for the way one looks. How we look defines who we are often in this world. One of the primary concern in looking good is maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is a main confidence killer. It often makes people introverts and is a bane to the young and old alike.

Losing weight and reaching an ideal weight is a welcome decision. But the means that we choose should also be ideal. Quick and erratic weight loss methods often result in serious health risks that cannot be reverted. We need to adopt a safe, effective and healthy weight loss diet to lose weight.

Ideas To Selecting A Weight Loss Diet

A healthy adult has a daily calorie requirement between 1200 to 1500 calories. This may differ depending on the work that they do and the environment they dwell in. For e.g.The calorie needs of a farm laborer who does physical labor will be higher than a person who does computer operation in a business concern.

When we consume food body uses it to produce energy and the excess amount is stored as fat. Naturally as our activity level decreases, we require less energy and more food will be converted to fat. So we need to combine exercise with effective weight loss diets to achieve our goal.

Weight Watchers Diet

This diet follows a point plus target which is fixed depending on your gender, age, weight and life style. The higher the points value of a food the least it should be consumed. For example, processed meats like sausages are foods of higer point count and hence need to be limited while certain fruits and vegetables have zero points and hence can be consumed as much as one wants. However, starchy vegetables and fruits juices do not have zero count so needs to be limited. Weight watchers diet makes our food choices easy as they have the calorie count for all most all the food items.

Weight loss

If one is choosing a brand of juice, the diet has at least 10 choices listed and with their nutritional and calorie count information. This will help one choose the best option out of the lot. The key in making wise food choices is to choose foods that keep you full for a longer time; if you get to choose between a 220 calorie fruit smoothie and a strawberry iced tea with a the same calorie amount, the smoothie would be the wise choice.

The pros of the diet outweigh the cons, but the point tallying can get on your nerves at times and the program membership is costly.

Jenny Craig Diet

This diet follows a method of pre packaged meals and recipes. They are delivered at your door step so you can avoid the tedious job of shopping for healthy food choices. These meals limit the calorie count, the fat intake and the portion size of the meal. Once a week the participants get one to one counseling with the diet practitioner at Jenny Craig.

The cons of this diet are that it can be quite pricey and many wonder if the diet loss can be maiatined after one is off the pre-packaged foods.

Raw Food Diet

As the name suggests this diet propagates the use of raw foods to make the maximum use of their enzyme and nutritional content. This diet aims in shedding pounds and also to rejuvenate and restore the body by limited cell damage. The foods used in this diet are not processed, cooked, baked, genetically engineered or exposed to pesticides and herbicides.

Weight loss

Raw food diet claims that cooking destroys the nutritional content of the foods and advocates the use of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and raw milk and milk products. People who follow this diet can only consume half the portion size as before and hence experience a good amount of weight loss.

The drawback of this diet is that it is strenuous to find organic and raw food needed to carry out the diet plan.

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Atkins Diet

This diet is one of the most controversial diets which have been the subject to many clinical studies and criticism. The diet is effective as it has shown good results in terms of weight loss. Atkins diet advises a low or no carb diet with an increased intake of fatty foods.

The concept behind the diet is that once the body starts getting low amount of carbs, it will start burning the fat stored in the body to get energy resulting in weight loss.

The sugar and the refined foods like white brad, pasta, rice and baked potatoes are totally avoided and fats and protein rich food like meat, chicken and eggs are added to the diet. The con of this diet is that the long term health implications of this diet are still debated and it is not a balanced meal solution.

Volumetrics Diet

Volumetrics diet advocated the use of low density foods that are low in calories and high in energy. Fruits and vegetables are the primary ingredients of this diet plan. It follows the theory that people eat the same amount of food daily, so the need is to fill the plate with low calorie foods that give you full for a longer time.

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Food is divided in to 4 categories ranging from very low density, low density, medium density and high density. One is allowed to have very low and low density foods in abundance and reduce the usage of medium density and high density foods. Volumetrics diet is a balanced diet but it can get a bit pallid on your palate and cannot work out if you dislike fruits and vegetables.

Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is a step ahead of vegetarianism as it not only avoid meat, fish and poultry but also milk, milk products and eggs. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and legumes constitute the diet. It is found to aid weight loss and keep diabetes and heart ailments at bay.

This diet is highly restrictive and one needs to be very choosy and extremely careful about making food choices that do not have any animal products associated with them as even gelatin used in food products come from animal bones.