Effective Ways Of Putting Your Baby To Sleep

Help Baby to sleep

Help Baby to sleep At times, putting a baby to sleep could be quite a task for many couples. People spend sleepless & tired nights trying to put their baby to sleep. Anyone who has kids will admit that they are looking for a magic wand that can make their baby fall sleep on time, especially at night.

Forming a sleep pattern for a baby requires effort and patience. You need to build certain activities that help your baby take a good night nap. With constant repeating most babies start relating and responding to these activities and form a routine.

Tips To Get Your baby To Sleep

Body Massage

Massage will have soothing effect on your baby’s nerves. It will release all the tension and tiredness from his/her muscles helping him/her go to sleep. Before the sleeping time try and give your baby body massage with olive, coconut or mustard etc.

Help baby to sleep

Start with massaging their feet, legs, arms, chest, tummy, shoulders and back, followed by a gentle head massage. Let your baby play for some time after the massage for half an hour to 45 minutes. Post the above duration you can either give a towel wash or bath to your baby depending upon the weather conditions and the kind of habit you want to inculcate.

Set The Ambience

Post the massage/bathing session try and create an atmosphere for sleep. Clean baby’s crib, sheet and change his/her clothes, maintain a decent temperature in your room (which should not be either too cold or too hot for your baby) dim the lights and play soft and soothing music. Say good night to each other.

Feed The Baby

Help Baby to asleep

Take the baby in your lap and feed him/her post the massage session. Most babies do fall asleep post the massage session automatically, once given a feed.

Sing To Your Baby

To bring your baby into sleeping mood you can either play soft and soothing music in the room or sing lullabies to him. You can talk to him or share a story to make him fall asleep. A mother’s voice has a soothing effect on the baby as most babies recognize their mother’s voice upon birth and can differentiate it from other voices. Some babies might require some gentle swings to fall asleep.

You need to mix and match activities from the above list to carve the most effective and functional routine for your baby. If nothing from the above list is working then you need to make a conscious effort of altering /adjusting your child’s routine. Examine if he/she is sleeping a lot during the day or near to the sleep time in the late evening.

Try to keep him/her busy or engaged during the evening to avoid making him/her fall asleep close to the night time. Examine your baby’s activity and sleep window: what is the time gap between your baby’s sleep and activity window. Understand the hours of activity your baby needs to fall asleep after a nap, what is his/her sleep duration etc. and adjust your baby’s routine in a manner that he/she is tired enough to fall sleep close to the night time.

Create a routine for your baby and then consistently follow the same to make your baby adjust and adapt to it. No matter how much trouble your baby gives you, you can still bring things on the track as you are his mother.