Effective Tips To Calm A Crying Newborn Baby To Sleep At Night

how to calm a crying baby

how to calm a crying baby While a newborn child is like a new light in the household that gives unimaginable joy soothing it while crying and putting a fussy baby to sleep are a completely different proposition completely.

However, getting the child to sleep soundlessly in the night is important both for the baby concerned as well as the mother who is completely exhausted from the daily chores and is still recuperating from the physical and mental strain of giving birth.

Tips to Calm a Crying Newborn Baby to Sleep at Night

See if your Baby is Comfortable Enough

A happy baby is non-fussy; in order not to give your newborn any reason at all to cry and sleep soundly in the night first of all it is important to make sure that all is well with it. First of all check to see if the diaper is alright if not then change it immediately, now make sure that the baby has its belly full. A hungry baby is extremely hard to control. Also, it is important to ensure that burping is achieved after every feeding, since burping helps to release the excess gas which may cause discomfort otherwise and provoke the baby to cry out.

Rocking to Soothe and Calm

Rocking is an age old technique to put the newborn to sleep. It is so much embedded in our psyche that even as adult if we experience rocking motion especially while travelling in trains is brings on a calm drowsiness that makes us sleepy. Whenever your newborn baby refuses to sleep or is crying for no apparent reason the best technique is to gather it close to your body and start rocking gently, if a lullaby is accompanied with the rocking motion the effectivity level of soothing increases manifolds.

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The rocking motion can be best achieved by placing your baby in the swing, which can also be maneuvered in a better manner. The repetitive motion will gradually help to calm the fussy baby and put it to a soundless sleep. The rocking motion is so effective because while staying in the womb the baby is used to movement and in the subconscious mind is able to recall it and this helps to bring on a calming effect. You may even go for a drive with the baby to uplift the mood. However, one downside of this is that the baby may like the car ride so much that it can become a norm every time it cries.

Give it a Snug Environment

In order to calm the frayed nerves of your baby you may try wrapping it in a soft and thin blanket. While its stay in the womb the newborn was used to the snug, closely-spaced environment. Wrapping it up makes it revisit the womb environment and gives an unconscious sense of security and well-being help to calm it up effectively. Place both hands of the baby across the chest and closely wrap the blanket around or you may also use a sling in order to mimic the womb environment.