Effective Tips And Cures To Get Rid Of Hangovers

hangovers cure

hangovers cure Remember the Hollywood flick ‘Hangover’ and its sequel ‘Hangover II’ where a group of friends drink too much at a party, only to wake up the next day with no recollection of what happened the previous night?

Well, most of the time we tend to face the same issue ourselves. A late night out with friends, an extra drink or two, or a wild party the night before etc. can all lead to hangovers the next day. And most of these hangovers result in you waking up the next morning with more than just a heavy head.

So, if you are suffering from regular hangovers and can’t find an apt solution for the same, check out some really cool tips and treatments given here (apart from just going back to sleep). In addition to helping you combat the symptoms of a hangover, these tips would also help your body cope with the issue in a better way!

Symptoms of a hangover

If you have a hangover, you will know it for sure. Hangovers are mostly accompanied by a list of symptoms that either occur one by one or all at once. Although headaches, tiredness and weakness are some of the main signs that indicate you are suffering from a hangover, here are some other symptoms that would give off the same message!

These include nausea, irritability, dehydration, anxiety, sleep issues, concentration difficulty, dry mouth, pessimism, increased sensitivity to noise and light and of course, inability to stand straight!

Common Remedies you can opt for

A hangover can be extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if you are experiencing it for the first time. Nevertheless, here are some ways you can effectively combat the issue, provided that you have the will power to get out of your bed and conquer the same!

Precautions for the night before:

You know it’s going to be a wild night with plenty of drinks and dances. So why go unprepared for the same? It is a known fact that alcoholic beverages tend to dehydrate the body, an effect that leads to a massive hangover the next day.

If you want to avoid getting a hangover and don’t want to miss out on the drinks as well, then make it a point to drink plenty of water before and during drinks. Accordingly, for every drink that you consume, drink a cup of water. Staying hydrated throughout the night would enable you to escape a hangover the next morning. It also pays to drink plenty of water as soon as you reach home or before you settle down for the night.

Another suitable alternative to avoiding a hangover is to take either a Vitamin B or Vitamin C pill right before you start drinking. Pop an extra pill into your mouth the next morning as well (not on an empty stomach though).

Home Remedies for Hangovers:

If you still wake up the next morning with a hangover, here are some sure shot methods to help you get relief from the same.

Just go back to sleep:

Most of us just tend to follow this tip and jump right back into our bed if we get up feeling lousy. And although this would help you combat a hangover, it would not be applicable if you have to go to work the next day or have an important meeting to attend.

Avoid Coffee:

Not only coffee! It is best recommended that you avoid all kinds of caffeinated drinks if you are suffering from a hangover. Caffeine tends to dehydrate the body even further. Combine this with the dehydrating effects of alcohol and you would only end up with alleivated symptoms instead of feeling better.

Drink Water:

As mentioned above, it pays to actually keep on drinking lots of water in between drinks in order to escape the negative effects of a hangover the next day. And water also works pretty well in combating a persistant hangover by replenishing your body with all the water and liquids it lost the night before.

Accordingly, you can drink plenty of water or opt for fruit juices to get instant relief. Orange juices contain plenty of Vitamin C which effectively reduces the effects of a hangover. You can also opt for Vitamin rich tomato juices, celerys, sports drinks like Powerade or Gatorade etc. or peppermint tea with honey for favorable results.

Have a check on what you eat:

It is a known fact that greasy foods like pizzas and burgers tend to slow down the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. However, what many don’t know is that these foods don’t do much to cure a hangover and only help in adding extra kilos to the waistline instead.

Therefore, be careful of what you eat when you have a hangover. Although you would feel more inclined to eat to your heart’s content, avoid bingeing at all costs and stick to healthier, mineral rich foods like canned fish, pickles, eggs, bananas, broth and legumes etc.

Cancel your workout session:

Many individuals feel that a rigorous workout would most definitely cure a bad hangover. However, it has been found out that workouts or exercises would only drain the body of whatever water is left in it after a night full of drinks.

Opt for small, simple exercises over strict regimes that would only tire you more. Accordingly, you can try yoga which helps you to concentrate both on your body and mind, thereby relieving you of a cringy hangover.

Over the counter medications

Some individuals opt for over the counter medications to combat hangovers. And if you are not able to get rid of a seemingly incessant hangover even after trying the above mentioned tips, you can opt for the medications given below, provided you check with a doctor beforehand to ascertain whether these drugs would work in par with your body conditions to provide the desired effect.


Avoid drugs like aspirin (casues stomach irritation), tylenol (causes liver damage) and ditto acetaminophen (takes longer time to metabolize); and take ibuprofen instead for incessant headaches caused due to hangovers. Ibuprofen works pretty well (and fast) in restricting a substance called prostagladin which causes painful hangovers.

Opt for Alka Seltzer Morning Relief pills which have shown to provide immediate relief (as soon as 15-20 minutes within consumption) from severe hangovers. Available as large effervescent tablets, these pills contain appropriate amounts of aspirin, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid which help to cure a large number of other issues like body pain, indigestion etc. as well. All you need to do is dissolve the pill in water and drink the solution to get instant relief.

Some effective and rather funny cures

Here are some other alternate cures for a severe hangover. While one of them is quite common, I am sure you would not have heard of the other two which appear to be quite hilarious (but proven to be effective).

Have a shower in alternating hot and cold water. While the cold water helps you regain your senses, the hot water helps to soothe body pain if any. It is a common practise in Poland to cure hangovers by drinking spicy pickle juice.

Ireland has a unique treatment of its own for hangovers and people suffering from them. Accordingly, a person suffering from a hangover is buried neck deep in moist river sand to get relief from the same. Sounds fun! But who’s supposed to dig you out when you feel better?