Effective Skin Care Tips For All Ages

skin care tips for all ages

skin care tips for all ages Getting perfect skin is not a feat that comes across as a Herculean task. Rather, it is a very simple process that needs to be dealt with attentively in order to reap rich dividends. Almost every skin care routine or treatment out there emphasizes the need to adopt certain changes to your daily regime with time and age.

Well, here are some of those essential pointers which you might find missing in your skin care regime. Following these pointers at different stages of your life will enable you  to retain the youthfulness and natural radiance of your skin through the years to come.

Skin Care Tips for All Ages

Teenage Responsibilities

In stark contrast to the popular notion that you need to start taking care of your skin only when you start noticing the first signs of ageing (fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches etc.), it is strongly recommended that you start caring for your skin from your teenage years.

Incorporating the vital skin care basics of Cleanse, Treat, and Hydrate into your regular skin care regime during your teen years will ensure that your skin remains healthy as you age. Remember to wash up at least twice every day to make sure that your skin remains free of oil, debris, dirt etc. which can potentially lead to breakouts if not removed properly.

And don’t forget that no matter how young your skin looks from outside, it would actually start degenerating from inside owing to all those hours you spend out under the hot sun. So jump start your sun protection basics by opting for creams and moisturizers that contain both SPF and other essential skin care ingredients like anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Make sure that your handbag contains a few really essential skin care products that could come to your rescue wherever you are. These include a moisturizer with SPF, a good cleanser and a treatment product.

Never Too Late in The 20s’

Again a common misconception among individuals is that skin would start ageing only after the age of 30. However, the first signs of ageing would start appearing on your skin as soon as you cross the age of 20.

So it is never late to start using anti ageing products and the best option is for you to start using these products right after you cross 20 years of age. Accordingly, start using skin care products that contain elements like Vitamin A and C, alpha-hydorxy acids and glycolic acid to fight off the signs of ageing as and when they start appearing on your skin.

 skin care for different ages

Start keeping a check on your eating habits and try to avoid fast foods or extreme diets that could wreck havoc on your skin. Opt for natural foods that promote healthy skin, including olive oil/seeds and nuts.

Accept your natural skin color and try to accentuate the same in a better way rather than opting for fairness creams or tanning products that can have harsh after effects on your skin.

Adjusting to The 30s’

The 30’s would be characterized with heavy workloads, plenty of personal and professional commitments etc. that can leave you constantly tired. And this is when those dark circles under your eyes would start becoming more prominent.

To avoid the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, start opting for products that contain hydroquinone and other lightening agents. Try opting for certain foods you might have left out when you were in your teens and 20s’.

The skin under your eyes would also probably be the first victim of ageing. The best way to avoid this is to opt for creams that contain hydrating agents that help to keep the skin under the eyes moisturized throughout the day. Creams with SPF factor could also work well to protect your eyes from the suns’ UV rays.

These include dark chocolate which contains flavonoids (anti oxidants that help to fight off free radicals that cause ageing in the body) and red wine which contains resveratrol (anti oxidant properties help to slow down cell degeneration).

Dealing with Ageing Above 40

As you age, the skin on your body starts thinning considerably. This would make pores, oil glands and follicles more visible to the naked eye, thus giving off the effect of a very aged skin. The best way to avoid this is to regularly exfoliate your skin with a cleansing brush or AHA’s.

As you cross 40, you need to understand the importance of taking care of your skin internally as well. This would mean opting for vitamin supplements that can replenish the lost vitamin levels in the skin. In addition to just vitamins, you can also choose supplements that contain amino acids, anti oxidants and glucosamine.

Choose skin care products that contain phyto estrogens, licorice roots, retinols, and hyaluronic acid that plump the skin and camouflage the visible signs of ageing nicely. In order to make sure that your collagen levels are replenished, opt for diets that contain foods like oranges, carrots, and sweet potatoes etc. which contain the vitamins needed for collagen resynthesis and restoration.

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