Effective Remedies For Throat Infection In Children

symptoms of throat infection

symptoms of throat infection Throat infection can occur to children due to various causes like seasonal changes, contaminated drinking water, eating refrigerated foods and can also be contagious. In the presence context, the major symptoms of throat infection and remedies for it are brought into picture.

Difficulty In Swallowing:

The very first symptom of throat infection in children is that , they cannot swallow either solid or liquid foods due to burning sensation in their throat.  This pain will be very severe in the initial stage.  Hence, if your child cries to eat food or drink  liquids, chances for him or her to suffer from throat infection are more likely.

Frequent Cough And Sneezing:

Intermittent coughing and sneezing are the most identifiable symptoms of throat infection. When cough persists, it is advisable to give luke warm boiled water and soups of tomato or corn, to your child.preferably. Foods having high content of cheese, butter, ghee and cream should be avoided, because such foods are not soothing to the infected throat of the child.  Ice creams, cool drinks, refrigerated yogurts, muffins etc; may trigger the severity of throat infection in your child.  Therefore, avoid giving them refrigerated foods during winter and rainy seasons.

Heavy Breathing:

Children tend to suffer from imbalanced breath as the nasal system is congested with throat infection and also due to the storage of flem in the throat.   So,  they open their mouth while breathing.  In such situations, apply eucalyptus oil on your baby’s chest,  while sleeping and also while bathing him in hot water.  This would give them relief to some extent during day time.
Here we have a list of effective remedies for throat infection for your child.  These methods can be permanent cures from throat infection, if followed very often every week.

Use Garlic To Relieve Throat Infection:

Allicin, which is a major ingredient present in garlic works better for the removal of bacteria in throat.  Therefore, put one or two flakes of garlic in hot and cooked rice for few seconds to make them soft and lose the pungent smell. You can give this to your child by mixing with a tea spoon of rice or any vegetable.  However, heavy doses of garlic may cause symptoms of heat in your child’s body making him to get body aches. So, use garlic only in few quantities.

Steam Your Child:

This is the most preferred way of getting relief from throat infection. This procedure can be followed for your child too, to get relief from throat infection. Take a vessel of hot water and drop few pinches of turmeric powder, or two table spoons of tea powder or a small quantity of any mild vaporizing balm.
Keep this vessel under your child’s bed when your child is asleep. Care should be taken that the hot vapors enter the nose and throat of your child. To remind you again, steaming should not be done when your baby is awake,  because with the non cooperation from your child,  the hot water may fall on your baby’s body.

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