Effective Natural Cures For Motion Sickness

Motion sickness

Motion sickness Motion sickness can happen with any mode of transport. Although there is an unproven theory that motion sickness may have genetic causes, but the real reason why some people get motion sickness and some don’t is not yet clear. Normally the position of the body in space is determined by the eyes, inner ears, muscles and skin which send sensory messages to the brain.

These messages also help the brain to track in the direction that you are moving. It is believed that motion sickness happens when this system of balance becomes overwhelmed by opposing messages sent by the eyes and inner ears. The symptoms associated with motion sickness are usually light headedness, sweating, nausea, hyperventilation and vomiting. You do not need to pop pills in order to overcome this problem as there is more than one natural cure for motion sickness.

Natural Cures For Motion Sickness

Picking The Proper Seat

If possible choose an area which will provide the smoothest ride, where you are least likely to feel motion. In planes while booking your ticket you should ask for an aisle seat that is placed over a wing. If you are travelling by train opt for a car in the front. Avoid sitting in the back seat of an automobile. If you are aboard a ship choose a cabin which is towards the vessel’s center.

Avoid Standing

It is more likely that you will be tossed around more if you are standing and this will increase the motion sickness. Hence you should avoid standing and it will act as a natural cure for motion sickness.

Face Forward

Face Forward While Sitting In Vehicle

Sit in a seat that is facing the direction of the motion of the vehicle. This will ensure that the forward motion felt by your body and what you see match with each other.

Make Less Head Movements

Try to avoid moving your head suddenly, as this can aggravate motion sickness. Thus, you should try to keep your head as stable as possible.

Stay Up

People who are feeling motion sickness on a boat are always tempted to go below, but this will only make matters worse. Try to stay on the deck as much as you can. This will help your eyes to confirm the motion that being felt by your body. This is a great natural cure for motion sickness.

Do Not Read In A Moving Vehicle

While reading in a moving vehicle you eyes will be fixed on a stationary object while your body will feel the motion of the vehicle.

Do Not Read In A Moving Vehicle

This will create a sensory contradiction and result in motion sickness. Instead of reading focus on the road ahead or a distant object so that all your senses harmoniously feel the movement.

Focus On Distant Objects Or Just Distance Space

This is not to daydream but to bring your focus to a steady point which is not near the rocky car, boat or plane. If you can’t find a tree, barn or any other specific object which you can focus on, you can gaze at the horizon where the water and sky meet. This again helps your eyes to see that you are in motion. This will match the movement being felt by your body and will not make you dizzy. Avoid watching mile markers or telephone poles whizzing by as they too can make you feel dizzy.