9 Effective Natural Cures For Eye Floaters

Natural Cures For Eye Floaters

Tiny dots or small dark shapes that appear in front of your eyes are called eye floaters and they can be extremely irritating and annoying. There is no cure for them and they are deemed harmless. The best way to prevent them is via natural remedies because they are concerned with the eye condition and occur due to stress in one’s life.

Best Natural Cures For Eye Floaters


Vaccinium Myrtillius For Eye Floaters

Herbs such as Vaccinium Myrtillius (bilberry) are helpful for treating eye floaters because the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen are facilitated by it and blood circulation in the vessels is also improved. Another restorative and all around tonic is Aspalathus Lineraris (Rooibos). Liver functioning and digestive health are also improved by it. Useful anti-oxidant effects and superb adaptogenic properties can also be found in Sutherlandia Frutescens.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil For Eye Floaters

Another beneficial remedy for eye floaters is hemp oil because it comprises of omega-3 fatty acids. Debris that forms in the eye can be eliminated by an effective antioxidant called Taurine.


Strawberries And Oranges For Eye Floaters

Floaters have several good home remedies that include eating food, which is laden with antioxidants. The ideal natural sources of antioxidants are foods such as Vitamin E, C and A.  High Vitamin C content can be found in kiwifruit, strawberries and oranges. Your diet can also be incorporated with spinach, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, milk and carrots.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Eye Floaters

Eye floater’s best home remedies include hemp oil. High quantities of omega 3 fatty acids can be found in this oil and they can be very helpful in battling retinal diseases that often threaten the sight ability. Wheat germ, walnuts and fish comprise of omega 3 fatty acids.

Serrapeptase Enzyme

Serrapeptase Enzyme For Eye Floaters

Another natural cure for eye floaters include Serrapeptase enzyme. The floaters usually arise by blood clots, debris or dead tissues and this enzyme simply digests them.

Lemon And Hot Water

Lemon And Hot Water For Eye Floaters

Dancing lights before the eyes, dizziness and malfunction of the liver can also be addressed with the help of juice of one lemon and hot water.

Natural Massages And Techniques

Eye Relaxation

Rub Eyes For Eye Floaters

Relax and sit down. Warm your palms by rubbing them together and place them over the eyes for about 5 to 10 seconds. Do this action for five times at least.

Rolling The Eyes

Sit comfortably on a chair. Keep your head back so it’s facing above. Roll your eyes in the clockwise direction. Prevent dizziness by doing it slowly. Do it in an anticlockwise direction as well. In each direction, this exercise has to be done about 10 times.

Rolling Eyes For Eye Floaters

Massage With Aromatic Oils

Stretch your arm in front of you and keep your index finger pointed up. Move the fingers closer to your eyes and stare at them until they are at a distance of approximately six inches from your face. Continue staring. After a few minutes, stretch your arm again and do this exercise for 10 times at least. In an inward and outward circular motion, the forehead, along with the area between the eyebrows should be massaged for fighting off stress. Aromatic oils can also be used for this purpose. Every motion should be used for at least 20 times.

Aromatic Oils For Eye Floaters