7 Effective Natural Cure To Thrush In Mouth

Natural Cure To Thrush In Mouth

Thrush is the oral fungus that is caused by Candida. It appears like a white colored infection that keeps on swelling if kept unchecked for long. Thrush is directly related to our diet and oral habits. Too much dependency on teas and coffee along with fast food leads to such an infection. Subsequently, ignorance towards keeping an oral hygiene boosts the chances of producing such an infection.

Although they are curable and can disappear in a day or two, it is important to ensure not to adapt habits that would invite them back. Remember, they are very painful and may keep you deprived of the basic meals you eat in routine. Check some of the useful natural remedies that assist in fighting Mouth Thrush.

Natural Cure For Thrush In Mouth

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

This is perhaps the best and the most effective way of treating mouth thrush. A decrease in the fluids intake will increase the dryness in the mouth further worsening the swelling. This shall also lead to cracking and bleeding in the tongue. Keeping the mouth and body hydrated helps to check the infection’s growth.

Eat Yogurt

Eat Yogurt

Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus that eases the fungal infection of any kind. It effectively works for thrush since it directly comes in contact with it in mouth. Yogurt also has bifidobacterium that assists in treating mouth source. Thus the anti-fungal effect can be easily employed for treating mouth Thrush. You may consume Yogurt in its most natural form or in the form of capsules, as desired.

Natural Rinses

coconut oil

Rinsing your mouth with certain substances help ease sores in an effective way. Take some warm water and add a teaspoon full of salt to it. Rinse your mouth with the mixture for 5 minutes. Execute the entire exercise in short turns, throwing the old mixture out at intervals. This will help the infection to ease instantly. Another way would be to add cider vinegar, tea tree oil and salt to water to form a good mixture. Rinse with it properly at least 4 times a day. You can also form an effective mixture by adding extra virgin coconut oil. Allow the oil to melt and then swish accordingly for 20 minutes. Throw the mixture out and then rinse with regular water.

Apply Propolis Alcohol

Propolis Alcohol

Propolis is a substance produced by bees from the resins in poplar trees. It can be easily extracted from bee hives. Propolis mixed with alcohol serves as a fantastic antiseptic to fight mouth thrush. Get some dried Propolis and mix 2 gm of it in 25 ml of alcohol. Apply it four times a day to wither away with the lesions associated with oral thrush. You may use the regular liquor available at home to get the alcohol.

Swipe With Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Take one teaspoon full of baking soda and mix with 8-9 ounces of water. Prepare few cotton balls and swipe the infected area after dipping them in the baking soda solution. It may cause a little pain but keep swiping it for 3-4 times. Also swipe the mouth and tongue with it. After half an hour, rinse the mouth with plain water.

Garlic Foods

Garlic Foods

Garlic is a magical food that helps fight mouth thrush. It has been recognized as a leading agent for the purpose due to its anti fungal properties. You may consume Garlic in any form you want. Let it be an additive in your regular food or in the form of tea. However, excessive consumption of Garlic may cause nausea. Go for a controlled intake. It may not completely diminish the infection but would at least lessen its symptoms.

Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is water soluble and strengthens the immune system against any kind of fungal infection. It is a powerful anti oxidant that controls the cells damage and inflammation. It is an active agent in tissue repairing and thus finds an extensive use in treating mouth thrush.Include Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. Lemon water without sugar, oranges, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables all have abundant Vitamin C in them. Moreover, chew able tablets are also available for instant reactions.

While the above discussed natural methods will surely help to fight the infection, it is equally important to make note of certain things that must be avoided. Say a big no to spicy foods until you get back normal. Besides foods and beverages that are too hot should also be banned temporarily since they cause dryness. Also make sure you take good care while brushing. Try not to swipe your brush over the infection as it may get worsen and start bleeding. Avoid eating foods that are too sweet.