7 Effective Makeup Tips For Bigger Eyes

Makeup Tips For Bigger Eyes

Eyes are considered to be the mirror of the human mind. So, if you want to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful, you must brush on some makeup. People with smaller eyes often complain and regret about the size of their eyes. But with the latest inventions and a wide range of eye makeup products available, you can now give prominence to your eyes like never before.

Apart from the application of several eye makeups, you must also know certain tricks and tips about how to use those products properly. So, if you have been dreaming about getting beautiful eyes like celebrities, you can now do so with some of these tips.

Makeup Tips For Bigger Eyes

Conceal Power

Conceal Power For Bigger Eyes

Makeup artists often suggest to first conceal any dark circles or wrinkles around the eyes with a concealer to create a perfect flawless base for the eye makeup. A concealer helps to hide away imperfections around the eyes, which makes the eyes look naturally bigger and more beautiful. But you must be very careful while applying a concealer.

You should avoid smudging the concealer too much, or else it will do no good for you. However, you must blend it down thoroughly in order to avoid getting a patchy look. Also, you must carefully choose the color of the concealer according to your skin tone. Peachy concealers work best on blonde skin while yellowish ones are meant for darker or Caucasian skin tones.

Base Shadow

Creamy eye shadows work perfectly as a base for applying powder eye shadows. Makeup experts say that creamy eye shadows must be incorporated into the eye makeup kit in the winter months as they help to keep the makeup moist and longer lasting. Also, creamy eye shadows don’t turn flaky as much as powder eye shadows and they also don’t call for constant touch ups. So, if you are planning to apply both creamy as well as powder eye shadow, make sure that the shades of both are almost the same. Failing which may give you a very awkward and unattractive look.

Base Shadow For Bigger Eyes

Line To Give Prominence

An eyeliner is a must have for any women or girl’s makeup kit. No eye makeup can be successfully completed without the application of eyeliner. Eyeliner is absolutely compulsory if you want to make your eyes look bigger and more appealing. Now the question arises that whether you should choose a liquid, gel or a pencil liner.

All types of liners have their share of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you want to play a little with your liner by smudging it slightly to create a smoky appearance, you should definitely opt for pencil eye liners. However if you want to strike a perfect line along the length of your eyes, nothing can be more blissful and beautiful as a liquid eyeliner.

Line To Give Prominence For Bigger Eyes

But whatever you choose, you must always look for good quality products. Cheaper eye liners may have lots of problems like flakiness, excessive dryness, hardness etc. And apart from the quality, you should also keep the shade in mind. For instance, dark shade eyeliners like black, brown, charcoal, blue etc., work best for evening makeup. While on the other hand, shades like white and grey are best for daytime activities.

Choose Shadow Pallets

Pallet eye shadows which consist of at least 3 eye shadow shades of almost the similar color are best for completing eye makeup. The best way to give prominence to eyes with eye shadow is to shift the focus to the brow bone region. For that, line the top of your eye with a thin stroke of eye shadow and then drag it up to the crease line, while gradually decreasing the density.

After that, apply a darker shade from the region of the eye which is just above the crease line up to the brow bone region. But whatever color you choose, make sure that it stays in tune with the color of your eyeliner. For instance, you should not opt for black eyeliner if you are planning to paint your eyelids brown.

Shadow Pallets For Bigger Eyes

Curl Up Your Lashes

Incorporation of a revolutionary product such as an eyelash curler into your makeup kit can help you achieve the most beautiful and enigmatic eyes. An eyelash curler is an absolute must for any woman as it helps to naturally boost the length of their lashes, without the application of any blotchy mascara. Just cup in your lashes from the roots and pinch them up for a diva like look.

Curl Up Lashes For Bigger Eyes

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Touch of Mascara

Can’t imagine completing your eye makeup without the swipe of mascara wand? Similar is the suggestion of makeup experts. Mascara is a wonder product which can make eyes of any size look bigger. Just a mere swipe of the mascara wand over the lashes gives them enormous amount of boost and length.

So, whether you have thinner or shorter lashes, you can find mascaras dedicated to solve all problems. Other than that, always try to select waterproof mascaras, as they are longer lasting and they also provide more protection from embarrassing smudges. Previously mascaras were only available in black but now-a-days you can find an array of color options for mascaras.

Mascara For Bigger Eyes

So instead of becoming confused about which color to choose, you should keep certain points in mind. For instance, brown mascaras look more natural and hence they are perfect for official and daytime use. While on the other hand black looks best for evening parties or outings. Keeping the rest aside, you can also go for blue, grey or even green mascaras with slight glitter if you want to play wild with your eye makeup.

Finish with Defined Brows

Finally, you must not forget to give definition to your eyebrows. Thicker and darker eyebrows can change the entire persona of a person. So, if you have thinner or less dense eyebrows, you can try to accentuate them by rubbing on some eyebrow defining pencil. Eyebrow defining pencils are available in colors like black and brown.

Brown Brow For Bigger Eyes

However if you don’t want any mess, you should always opt for the brown shades. Brown brow defining pencils are pretty easy to deal with. Just glide them softly over your brows to get fuller eyebrows. However, you should be very cautious not to overdo the application of eyebrow definer. Because just like thinner eyebrows, excessively thick and dark eyebrows can also damage your entire look, making you look horrible.

Tips For Bigger Eyes