Effective Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fall

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fall

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Hair Fall Do you get panicky when you see a huge chunk of hair on your comb or on the floor each time you comb your hair? All of us lose about 50-100 strands of hair everyday as this is the natural process in the hair growth cycle.

Hair goes through the three phases of Anagen –  hair growth , Catagen – transition and Telogen – the resting phase. But if the rate of loss is more than the rate of growth then you are in a condition typically called hair loss, baldness or alopecia.

If the hair loss is due to prolonged illness or a hereditary factor then there is little that can be done to restore the hair growth. But for the others there is still hope if they follow these effective home based remedies to restore that shining pate of hair back.

 Rubbing The Scalp Vigorously

One of the simplest and most effective treatment to stop hair loss is to rub the scalp vigorously after a cold shower. The prolonged and vigorous rubbing produces a tingling sensation that actually activates the blood vessels on the scalp. These in turn help in the proper blood circulation to the hair follicles to induce hair growth.

 Massage Your Hair Regularly

Regular massaging of hair with coconut oil or almond oil reduces hair fall. Massage with these oils everyday for 15-20 minutes both on the head as well as the soles of your feet.

The massage will improve circulation and will make hair both healthy and long lasting. You can also use any oil that contains Vitamin E as this vitamin gives strength to weak hair. You need to wash the hair later with a solution made of lemon leaves boiled in water and cooled sufficiently. This will add lustre to your hair.

 Brush Your Hair Everyday

If you think you will be doing harm by brushing your hair very often or for a long time, do not fear. Brushing has never caused any harm to hair. Instead, the vigorous brushing will only improve blood circulation to your hair follicles thus  preventing hair loss.

 Use Common Salt

This is something all of us can do easily. Before applying shampoo or soap to your hair, just wet it with warm water. Rub in a small amount of salt over your wet scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes, use your regular shampoo to wash. This remedy followed regularly for  5-6 weeks  gives amazing results.

 Eat Sesame Seeds

Consuming  white sesame seeds everyday in the morning is very beneficial for hair growth. White sesame is rich in magnesium and calcium which is important for promoting good and healthy hair growth.

 Include Greens In Your Diet

Include Greens In Your Diet

Having food rich in vitamins and minerals is good for your hair. Be sure to have lots of leafy green vegetables in your diet on a regular basis. The leafy vegetables help in removing the toxins from the body and aids in improved blood circulation which in turn helps in reducing hair fall. Having salads and sprouts as part of your daily meal also helps.

 Curd As A Remedy

Eating curds everyday cools the system and in turn prevents hair fall. You can also use a paste of curd with fenugreek seeds ground together to apply on your hair. They cool the scalp and helps in reducing hair fall.

 Apply Shikakai  Powder To Your Hair

Shikakai  powder is normally used in India to wash hair. Shikakai is effective in removing all the dirt from hair without stripping the hair of its natural oils. No wonder Shikakai is called the “fruit for hair”. Using shikakai not only makes the hair stronger it also encourages hair growth. A concoction of shikakai with amla, bhringraj and aritha powder is recommended to gain maximum benefits.

All the above home based remedies are simple and effective. They do not involve any elaborate procedures and can be done whenever you want to. Making a healthy transition to these home based remedies will help in the long run to have that mop of hair intact and also retard the greying process considerably.